Centrinė garso kolonėlė Mission SX-C2, 150W

829.00 €

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  • storeArmatūrininkų g. 1, Kaunas
  • access_time I-V 9:00-18:00

  • Garsiakalbiai: 2-jų juostų
  • Jautrumas: 90 dB/W/m
  • Varža: nominali 6-8 Ω
  • Dažnių diapazonas: 65 - 40.000 Hz
  • Rekomenduojama stiprintuvo galia 50 - 150W
  • Matmenys: 202 x 840 x 293 mm  /  Svoris: 18 kg

The huge SXC2 centre speaker delivers reference-quality results in dedicated home cinema arrangements. UK Hi-Fi legends Mission have left nothing to chance here with the SXC2 mounting no less than four bass and mid drivers in the ample chassis but have styled it so despite being a large speaker, the SXC2 won't ever compromise the look of your home. Its sheer presence makes it a 'go-to' partner for the larger SX front speakers such as the SX4 or SX5.

Mission have pulled out all the stops to produce such a stunning speaker on all levels. With a completely new redesign, the SXC2's feature Titanium drive units and a revolutionary new visco-elastic treble unit. There's been some serious research in development and the results are eye-catching and ear-satisfying.

What's the use in fancy technology in the drivers if vibrations are going to spoil your enjoyment? The cleverness just doesn't stop there with an all-new cabinet construction using a precise formula using thin layers of wood to produce an acoustically inert chassis. Graceful curves on the SXC2 speaker help the speaker become a beautiful feature rather than an ugly necessity.

The SXC2's finish is one of pure indulgence. This elegant, iconic design with its refined curves and bold front baffles feature drivers that are heftily mounted in die-cast aluminium shells. A choice of finishes are available for the cabinet exteriors with a high-grade wood veneer or for a more sumptuous option; piano gloss lacquer. With or without grilles, we guarantee the SXC2's will look stunning.

  • Enclosure Type Sealed Box
  • Transducer Complement 2-way
  • Bass Driver 2 x 130mm Aluminium Cones
  • Bass/Mid Driver 2 x 130mm Aluminium Cones
  • Treble Driver 25mm Titanium Dome
  • Peak SPL 109dB
  • Minimum Impedance 4.6 Ohms
  • Bass Extension (-6dB) 48Hz
  • Crossover Frequency 1.8kHz / 2.6kHz


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