AMPIRE CPS090, išmanusis veidrodėlis

Veidrodėlis su didelės raiškos 9 colių jutiklinis monitoriumi leidžia susieti Jūsų išmanųjų telefoną su įrenginiu.

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Nuolaida: 299.00 €
Kaina: 299.00 €

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AMPIRE CPS090, išmanusis veidrodėlis

Veidrodėlis su didelės raiškos 9 colių jutiklinis monitoriumi leidžia susieti Jūsų išmanųjų telefoną su įrenginiu.

  • Apple CarPlay ir Android Auto palaikymas
  • Įmontuotas vaizdo registratorius, vieta SD kortelei.
  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) raiška.
  • Wi-Fi Bluetooth palaikymas.


Would you like to retrofit Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your factory car radio without a monitor? Then the CPS090 smartphone mirror monitor is exactly the right product. This high-resolution 9'' touchscreen monitor allows you to integrate your smartphone into almost any vehicle and also display an optional reversing camera.

Our CPS090 smartphone mirror monitor with integrated smartphone interface is compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto (please note the minimum requirements), making it a smarter and safer way to use your smartphone in the car.

Everything is operated via the intelligent voice control Siri or OK Google or on the 9" touchscreen monitor, which you can securely fasten in front of the rear-view mirror with the supplied rubber straps.

Everything you want to do with your smartphone while driving can be done directly on this monitor with Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto. You can easily get directions or send and receive messages. While navigating, you can listen to your favorite music, for example via Spotify, or your favorite station via a radio app and still concentrate on the road.

Simply connect your smartphone wirelessly via WiFi to our monitor and off you go. The audio playback is fed in via the audio-AUX input (3.5mm jack plug) of your factory car radio. If your vehicle has factory Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming, you can also send the sound of the CPS090 directly to your radio via Bluetooth without detours and without loss of quality. Alternatively, an FM transmitter is also integrated, which can send the sound as an FM signal and be received by your car radio. In addition, a small loudspeaker is integrated in the housing, which can play back navigation messages, for example.


- 9" IPS LCD Touch Screen Monitor
- 8.8" / 22.4cm visible diagonal
- Aspect ratio 36:9
- Touch screen operation
- Adjustable LED backlight
- Extremely high resolution 1280 x 320
- Brightness 750cd/m²
- Contrast 1000:1
- Clock frequency 60Hz
- Vertical viewing angle 130
- Horizontal viewing angle 150
- Our monitors are subject to ISO 9241-307, pixel error class II

Wireless Apple CarPlay
Minimum requirement: iPhone 5 and higher

Wireless Android Auto
Minimum requirements: Android 11, Android Auto 4.8 and WLAN 5GHz*.
*IEE standards 802.11a, 802.11ac, 802.11ax, 802.11be & 802.11n
ATTENTION! Devices that only have WLAN 2.4GHz are not supported and are not compatible!

Pair your smartphone with the CPS090 and then connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth of your car radio. The CarPlay or Android Auto sound is then sent directly and without detours from your smartphone to the car radio* via Bluetooth A2DP.
(*Requires a Bluetooth A2DP-capable car radio.)

AHD dual dashcam
Integrated front camera on the back of the monitor
- Analog High Definiton
- 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution)
- 30fps frame rate
- Viewing angle: 120° horizontal, 145° diagonal

System rear camera
- Analog High Definiton
- 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution)
- 30fps frame rate
- Viewing angle: 120° horizontal, 145° diagonal
- 4P MINI-DIN system connector
- Dimensions without butterfly holder: 23 x 23 x 32mm

- Recording resolution: 1080p+1080p or 720p+720p (adjustable)
- Segment length: 1minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes
- Audio recording can be switched on
- Parking lot mode with motion detection and time-lapse recording. 12h or 24h adjustable, low voltage protection at 11.8V
- Memory card type: microSD (not included)
- microSD speed class: Class 10 or higher
- microSD memory capacity: min. 32GB to max. 256GB
- Recording capacities: 32GB approx. 4.5 hrs, 64GB approx. 9.5 hrs, 128GB approx. 19 hrs, 256GB approx. 38 hrs, then the oldest recordings are overwritten.
- Power on delay (ACC ON): 17 seconds
- Power on delay in parking mode: 0 seconds
- OFF delay (ACC OFF): 15 seconds

- The system rear camera is used as the rear view camera. No need to install another rear camera.
- 12 Volt switch input for activation
- Immediate switchover to the system rear camera in full screen with auxiliary lines when reverse gear is engaged
- Auxiliary lines individually adjustable
- Switch off delay of 3 seconds when reverse gear is disengaged
- Dashcam recording function is not interrupted in reverse camera mode
- Image playback normal/mirrored adjustable

- Stereo audio output with 3.5mm jack cable
- Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming of all CarPlay and Android Auto content directly from the smartphone. No additional app required.
- FM transmitter for alternative sound reproduction (87-108 MHz.)
- Integrated 2 watt speaker with its own housing

- LINUX 4.9 OS operating system with 1GB memory
- Apple CarPlay and Adroid Auto in full screen mode, or in half screen mode with simultaneous display of a camera (selectable)
- SD card reader (Mirco SD)
- USB-C input for power supply
- USB-C wired power adapter with ACC ignition logic
- Menu languages: DE, EN, CN, RU, ES, FR, IT, PT, JPN und KOR
- automatic switch on when operating voltage is applied
- operating voltage 9V - 36V DC
- current consumption ACC ON: 590mA@12VDC
- current consumption ACC OFF: 8mA@12VDC
- Current consumption in parking mode: 250mA@12VDC
- Operating temperature: -20° to 70°C
- Storage temperature: -30° to 80°C
- Dimensions monitor (without base): 260 x 73 x 23mm (40mm with front camera)
- dimensions of system hack camera: 23 x 23 x 32mm
- Weight of monitor with base: 328g

- 9" (22.9cm) touch screen monitor
- Two special rubber bands
- USB-C connection cable for power supply with +12V, ground and ignition (ACC), 320cm
- AHD system rear camera, 1080p, with butterfly mount and 50cm cable
- Connection cable for system rear camera, 550cm
- Connection cable audio output (3.5mm jack), 120cm




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