Arylic SA100, belaidis Multi-Room ant sienos montuojamas Stereo stiprintuvas

SA100 yra galingas belaidis stiprintuvas, kurį galima įrengti bet kuriame kampe.

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Nuolaida: 549.00 €
Kaina: 549.00 €

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Arylic SA100, belaidis Multi-Room ant sienos montuojamas Stereo stiprintuvas

SA100 yra galingas belaidis stiprintuvas, kurį galima įrengti bet kuriame kampe.

  • Galia: 2x50W į 4Ω BTL apkrova prie 24V.
  • Dažnių juosta: 20Hz - 20kHz.
  • Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G bei Bluetooth v. 5.0.
  • Varža: 4 Ω/8 Ω.


Stream Your Sound In Every Room

The SA100 is a powerful wireless amplifier that can be installed in any corner. it is equipped with load switcher, drive either 4ohm or 8ohm passive speakers with a maximum power output of 50W x2. The SA100 has multiple audio input and output interfaces, allowing you to stream audio from a variety of sources wirelessly (WiFi, Airplay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth 5.0). It includes classic knob controls so you can play without an app.

Multiroom amplifier

Multiroom Audio System

Mix and match any combination of Arylic products to create a custom multiroom system and play the same music throughout your home, send different sources to each room at the same time, or create your own custom-defined multiroom zones... All are controlled via our 4stream App.

power amplifier

Powerful, Adaptable Stereo Amplifier

The SA100 is different from other amplifiers, providing a maximum 50W x2 powerful output at peak driving either 4ohm speakers or 8 ohm speakers. Simply switch the load option on SA100. (NOTE: Unplug the power before switching to prevent damaging the device).

on-wall amplifier

Install in Any Corner

The SA100 is designed with four mounting holes for screws, allowing it to be discretely mounted anywhere in your house. Install, configure, and control remotely via the 4stream App or Web interface.

Spotify Amplifier

Brilliant Sound Streamed Directly From Your Favorite Providers

Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Napster, TuneIn, Internet Radio, iHeart Radio, QQ Music, QQ FM.
The A50+ connects directly to your online streaming providers to play high quality audio, avoiding Bluetooth bottlenecks and compression.

multiroom amplifier

Play From Any Source

Multiple interfaces offer your SA100 high degree of connectivity and flexibility. Stream directly from the online service of your choice, play audio from your CD Player, Phono Preamp, Tuner, TV or other audio hardware via RCA and Optical Line In, play music from USB Sticks, or over the network from any NAS or 3rd party program supporting DLNA or UPnP protocols including iTunes, Musicbee and more.

ACPWorkbench tuning tool

Tune Like An Expert

Fine tune your listening experience with our exclusive ACPWorkbench tuning tool. Find the perfect sound for each channel with EQ, Bass Enhancement, Advanced DSP effects, Gain, Pregain and more.


Powerful 4stream App

Choose your music source and control playback, set EQ, control multiroom/independent playback, manage playlists, control alarm clock, WiFi settings, update firmware and more... All the useful features you need in our free 4STREAM App for iOS & Android.

  • audio amplifier with web control

    Web & PC Control

    Control your devices via browser from any PC, tablet, or other device, no app required. Or stream music using any software that supports Airplay, Spotify Connect, UPNP or DLNA protocols, including iTunes, Spotify, Musicbee and more.

  • audio amplifier with knob control

    Easy, Multifunction Knob Control

    You can have easy local control via the rotary knobs on the front. Volume knob sets maximum volume, or change input mode with a press. Adjust independent Treble and Bass knobs, or press each to reset the tone.

Package Includes

SA100, User Manual, 24V 4.16A DC Power Adapter, External Antennas (Bluetooth & WiFi), 2-2 RCA Cable x2 , Screw Driver, 4 Pin Phoenix Connector (for speakers).




User Manual (EN).


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