AudioQuest PowerQuest 707, maitinimo filtras

Naujieji "PowerQuest 303, 505 ir 707" maitinimo kondicionieriai, pasižymintys išskirtinėmis "AudioQuest" charakteristikomis.

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Nuolaida: 1,299.00 €
Kaina: 1,299.00 €

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AudioQuest PowerQuest 707, maitinimo filtras

Naujieji "PowerQuest 303, 505 ir 707" maitinimo kondicionieriai, pasižymintys išskirtinėmis "AudioQuest" charakteristikomis.

  • PQ-716: "ZERO-Tech", užtikrinanti nesuspaustus srovės pereinamuosius procesus, ir "RF/ND-Tech", užtikrinanti precedento neturintį triukšmo sklaidymą, šiame 2 m ilgio RF triukšmą sklaidančiame kabelyje su pusiau kietais koncentriniais laidininkais, kuriuose naudojamas ilgagrandis varis (10 amperų @ 240 V).
  • Apsauga nuo  viršįtampių.
  • Diferencinis režimas: PQ-505); 8 kHz-1 GHz (PQ-707); Bendrasis režimas: 30 kHz-1 GHz (PQ-505); 8 kHz-1 GHz (PQ-707): 30kHz-100MHz (abu modeliai)
  • Linijinis triukšmo skaidymas daugiau nei -22 dB.

Matching outstanding AudioQuest performance with non-sacrificial surge protection, the new PowerQuest 303, 505, and 707 power conditioners create excellent foundations for stereo systems, multichannel home theaters, and custom installations.

Performance: All models take AudioQuest's comprehensive approach to AC power conditioning, addressing noise linearly to provide class-leading, wide-bandwidth noise reduction.

Protection: All models feature Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection and Extreme-Voltage Automatic Shutdown at 140VAC. Set and forget.

Power: All models provide 12 total AC outlets: 4 High-Current outlets for amplification devices and 8 Linear-Filtered outlets for source devices.

In addition to its wide-bandwidth Ultra-Linear Noise-Dissipation, the PQ 707 includes Transient Power Correction.

Transient Power Correction provides a current reservoir of up to 45 amps peak on-demand power for any amplifier (up to 25mS), supplying the low-impedance current the amp needs to produce thrilling dynamic contrasts, bass extension, and control.

All models come with optional 2RU rack ears and a detachable 2m PowerQuest power cable with a flat-to-wall plug. For installers, this means each PowerQuest unit is ready to go from the box to the rack in just minutes.




PQ-716: ZERO-Tech for uncompressed current transients and RF/ND-Tech for unprecedented Noise-Dissipation in this 2m RF-Noise Dissipating cable with Semi-Solid Concentric Conductors using Long-Grain Copper (10amps @240V)


Differential-Mode: 30kHz-1GHz (PQ-505); 8kHz-1GHz (PQ-707); Common-Mode: 30kHz-100MHz (both models)


Nothing to damage with repeated 6000V/3000A input surge tests, which is the maximum that can survive a building’s AC electrical panel.


140VAC: Will activate the main power circuit relay to open within less than 0.25 seconds; automatically resets once the incoming power is within a safe range.

45-Amp Transient Power Correction with Current Reservoir

Provides a current reservoir for any power amplifier (45 amps peak; up to 25mS)


8x Linear-Filtered for Source / Constant-Current components (TVs, media streaming devices, etc.); 4x High-Current for Variable-Current components (amplifiers, powered speakers & subwoofers)


2RU rack ears included

Dimensions: 43cm W x 38cm D x 8.6cm H (9.4cm w/ feet attached)

Weight: 7.6 kg





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