Centrinė garso kolonėlė Dynavoice Definition DC-5, 180W

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  • Galia: RMS 125W  /  MAX 180W
  • Dažnių diapazonas: 36Hz - 32kHz
  • Jautrumas: 92dB
  • Varža: 8 omai
  • Filtro dažnis: 1800 Hz / 12 dB  ;  9000 Hz / 12 dB
  • Matmenys: 185 x 500 x 300 mm   /  Svoris: 9.8 kg

    The most important characteristics of a centre speaker are to reproduce voices well and to match the sound of the front speakers so a complete sound stage is created. The ribbon tweeter makes all the voices become very natural and because the tweeter and bass/midrange is the same as in the front speakers the audio matching will be perfect.

    When the Definition Series was under construction, Dynavoice listen to the customers to provide what they have been missing in the speaker world. The result has been a very exclusive speaker, who also has a high sensitivity. Ribbon tweeter, 'bullet-proof'-kevlar woofers, x-change-terminal and painted baffle on 33 mm in front and rear are just some of the many features of the new series. This is simply a speaker that suits the most fastidious, at a price to suit everyone.

    Perfect timbre matching
    In order to achieve a perfect timbre match, all the speakers have to have exactly the same elements. It is very common to equip centers and satellites with smaller elements than in the front speakers just to save costs. In the Definition Series there is not saved anything, it’s exactly the same elements in all the speakers, making the sound match and the cinema experience will be perfect. The X-Change terminal is available on all speakers.

    The treble
    Definition is equipped with a highly unusual solution, two tweeters. This is mostly found very far up in price classes. The soft dome tweeter take care of the lower frequencies, as top tweeter Definition has taken one step further and provided the speaker with a ribbon tweeter. This provides a uniquely comfortable and natural sound. The frequency response remains dead straight at 20 kHz, it doesn’t drop. The big difference is noticeable when you pre-listen the speaker.

    In order to reproduce the lowest frequencies the woofers are made in the 'bullet-proof'-kevlar, a thin, lightweight and strong membrane. This provides a solid, deep and clean bass. The chassis of cast aluminum contributes to a stable bass sound. Because of this, the speaker has not only a great hi-fi sound, but also high sensitivity.

    X-change - Flexible
    Everyone has different sounds ideal. Definition is equipped with an X-change terminal. At the top of the terminals are three gold-plated connectors. These are used to fine-tune the critical midrange area as desired. Choose between -2 dB / 0 dB / +2 dB / +4 dB. Modification of connectors means that you change the speaker's character. Then you do not have to adjust the bass / treble controls on the amp to get the sound you want.

    The Cabinet
    To get a clear and stable sound as possible, it is required that the speaker cabinet is well made and solid. In the Definition Series all speakers are made in 18mm MDF board on the sides and 15 mm MDF + additional 18 mm painted baffle on the front and the back. Not only this, there are also 4 pieces of 15 mm struts as reinforcements within the box. The speaker stands on an 18 mm matte-black painted base. To find a more well-built box than this, you have to look for long, even in much higher price ranges.

    • Konstrukcija: 2 x fazoinvertoriai gale
    • Paauksuotas bi-laidų terminalas su X-Change
    • Aukštų dažnių garsiakalbio: 1 x plevelinis
    • 1 x Aukštų dažnių garsiakalbis
    • Bass / vidutinio lygio: 2 x 5,25 colių bosas "Kevlar"


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