Dali Opticon 8 Mk2, grindinės garso kolonėlė (įvairių spalvų)

Ergonomiška ir stilinga grindinė garso kolonėlė. Kolonėlės gamyboje panaudotos aukštos kokybės medžiagos ir naujausios technologijos. Todėl geras skambesys garantuotas!

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Nuolaida: 1,499.00 €
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Dali Opticon 8 Mk2, grindinės garso kolonėlė (įvairių spalvų)

Ergonomiška ir stilinga grindinė garso kolonėlė. Kolonėlės gamyboje panaudotos aukštos kokybės medžiagos ir naujausios technologijos. Todėl geras skambesys garantuotas!

  • Galia: 300 W.
  • Dažnių juosta: (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 38 - 30.000.
  • Jautrumas: (2.83V/1m) [dB] 88.5.
  • Varža: 4 Omai.


The large-scale, floor-standing OPTICON 8 MK2 is the powerhouse of the new OPTICON MK2 series. It is the sole threeway system in the series. It combines two 8” Wood Fibre diaphragm, SMC magnet bass drivers with a 6½” Wood Fibre diaphragm, SMC magnet system midrange driver. The OPTICON 8 MK2 offers optional bi-wiring to enable its bass and midrange/high frequency sections to be connected independently. The driver array of the OPTICON 8 MK2 locates the midrange and hybrid tweeter drivers between the two widely spaced bass drivers. This is done firstly in order to position the mid and high frequency drivers near typical seated ear height, and secondly to take advantage of the smoother low frequency room response that results from spaced bass drivers. The OPTICON 8 MK2 driver array helps make room positioning easier. Above the midrange driver, the OPTICON 8 MK2 incorporates a DALI hybrid tweeter that combines the new, CALLISTO derived 29mm soft dome driver alongside a 17mm x 45mm ribbon element. The OPTICON 8 MK2 enclosure incorporates separate internal sections for each driver with non-parallel dividing panels suppressing internal resonance and also significantly aiding enclosure rigidity. Each low frequency section is fitted with its own Dual Flare reflex port. Thanks to its size and true three-way format, the OPTICON 8 MK2 offers a level of performance unavailable from any other OPTICON model. It combines immense low frequency bandwidth, volume potential and dynamic accuracy with the extraordinary detail and clarity that arises from the use of a dedicated midrange driver. High frequencies from the hybrid tweeter are explicitly detailed and informative yet simultaneously smooth and endlessly listenable.



The SMC used in OPTICON MK2's magnet motor system has very high magnetic permeability and very low electrical conductivity. It works primarily by minimising eddy currents in the magnet system pole piece. This improves flux linearity, reducing the magnetic hysteresis. Resulting in a significant reduction of electro-acoustic distortion.


The newly introduced OPTICON MK2 Dual Flare technique brings port design into the realm of aerodynamics - with exit and entry flares carefully designed to minimise turbulence. Dual Flare enables OPTICON MK2 reflex ports to remain laminar and work effectively to reinforce low frequency performance to a significantly higher volume level than would otherwise be possible.


Speakers used and enjoyed in pairs should also be built as pairs! Our manufacturing process is designed to ensure that stereo pairs of speakers are built and tested sequentially by a single manufacturing technician, using components taken in the same order from the same batch. It’s a process that helps ensure ultimate visual and acoustic pair matching.


Manufacture of the OPTICON MK2 series has been retained firmly at our Danish factory. Our in-house woodworking facility handles everything from cutting the MDF enclosure panels to applying the surface finishes. Assembly by hand, testing and quality approval on each and every speaker is also handled on our own assembly lines.




  • Frequency range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 38 - 30.000
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) [dB] 88.5
  • Nominal Impedance [ohm] 4
  • Maximum SPL [dB] 112
  • Recommended Amplifier Power [Watt] 40 - 300
  • Crossover frequency [Hz] 380 / 2,200 / 14,000
  • Crossover principle 3+½-way
  • High frequency driver 1 x 29 mm soft dome 1 x 17 x 45 mm ribbon
  • Low Frequency / mid-range Driver(s) 2 x 8” / 1 x 6½”
  • Enclosure type Bass reflex (mid-range closed box)
  • Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] 29.5
  • Connection Input(s) Bi-wire / Bi-amp
  • Recommended placement Floor
  • Recommended distance from rear wall to speaker’s rear panel [cm] 30 - 150
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm] 1141 x 241x 450
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) [inches] 44.9 x 9.5 x 18.1
  • Weight [kg/lb] 37.1/ 81.8
  • Included accessories Spike set, rubber feet, manual


  • produkto matmenys: 450 x 241 x 1141 mm
  • svoris neto: 37.10 kg


    User Manual (EN).


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