Dynavoice Challenger CSB-V15, aktyvi žemų dažnių garso kolonėlė (įvairių spalvų)


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Dynavoice Challenger CSB-V15, aktyvi žemų dažnių garso kolonėlė (įvairių spalvų)


Dynavoice Challenger CSB-V15 yra aktyvi žemų dažnių garso kolonėlė, kuri yra dalis geriausiausiai parduodamos ir populiarios Challenger serijos dalis. 

  • Galia RMS 300W, Maksimali galia: 600W.
  • Dažnių juosta: 25 - 150 Hz.
  • Diametras: 15 colių.  
  • 40 mm storio priekinė panelė, 19mm storio korpuso sienelės.
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    Dynavoice Challenger CSB-V15 is a real best for active subwoofer, which is part of the best-selling and popular Challenger series. The construction has a purpose - to move air and you should hold both the hat and the interior when the base starts to play. It is created to play away from most things in the price range - which it also does! An increased 15 "element with an aluminum cone and a class A / B output stage of a full 300 Watt RMS are a couple of the ingredients for the outstanding performance, which does just as much justice for both music and film. The build quality is exemplary and you probably need help The base weighs in at 33.6 kg!

    • Active subwoofer with front-facing slot port for a clean and controlled bass reproduction
    • Class A / B output stage at 300 Watt RMS, 600 Watt peak
    • 15 "element with a lightweight aluminum cone and rubber suspension
    • Autostart at incoming signal
    • 12 Volt trigger for control from amplifier / processor
    • High level input - perfect for stereo amplifiers that do not have low level outputs
    • RCA Line in / out - chain connect several bass boxes for an even more awesome experience
    • LFE input for bio amplifier
    • Adjustable crossover filter 35-150 Hz with 12 dB steepness / octave provides a seamless transition to the speakers
    • Adjustable phase between 0-180 degrees minimizes room acoustic problems in the time domain
    • Adjustable volume control to find the perfect balance to your liking and taste
    • Designed and fully developed in Sweden!

    Swedish Dynavoice has done it again!

    The very popular and best-selling Challenger series from the speaker expert Dynavoice has received a welcome addition for those who like bass - and then in large quantities!
    Challenger CSB-V12 and Challenger CSB-V15 are two truly musical power packages with Klippel ™ -optimized elements with aluminum cones and dual cooling systems.
    The basic elements are uniquely developed for this particular series and specially adapted and optimized for the purpose. The cone is made of aluminum, which is a light and strong material. This means that you get a cone that becomes very transient fast, and with an extremely nice start / stop time on the amplifier's impulse. This is a very important quality to have to get a musical bass reproduction. If it sounds good for music, it will sound just as good for movies. Some people want to categorize a bass as either a "movie bass" (more island) or "music bass" (plays faster). Why not just get both pieces of the cake? You get it with Dynavoice!

    Special cabinet construction

    Dynavoice knows that a resonant dead cabinet is a good-sounding cabinet. With thicker walls and inner struts, the element will perform to the maximum. The front baffle is the part of the cabinet that is most exposed to vibrations, as the element is mounted here. That's why Dynavoice has fitted the cabinets in both CSB-V12 and CSB-V15 with a reinforced front baffle that is almost 40 mm thick!
    Other walls in the cabinet are built in 19 mm MDF with inter bracing for extra stability. The bass reflex port that is directed forward is of the slot port type to minimize the risk of turbulence and blowing noise. The door is actually also a part of the construction and thus contributes with stability to the cabinet!
    The front and bottom plate are painted in silk matt black or white, while the sides, top and back have a wood pattern.

    X-Type Board

    The bottom plate has a rounded shape that gives the Challenger bases an almost fluid appearance, as the box comes up a bit from the floor. Below are four milled recesses - which Dynavoice named the X-Type Board - which are adapted for another Swedish brand, namely Sonic Design and their extremely popular cushioning cushions. So there are opportunities here to tweak the performance for an extremely affordable money!
    The cabinet is also prepared for M8 threads for those who prefer to use spikes or other screw-on feet. The Challenger bases are delivered as standard with rubber feet with M8 thread.

    Analog amplifier technology provides the best sound

    Challenger CSB-V12 and CSB-V15 are designed around the same class A / B output stage, which leaves a full 300 Watt RMS and double in the peaks! The step has an extremely good control over the cone stroke of the base elements.
    Dynavoice has thought of most switching scenarios that can occur and thus has both stereo RCA and LFE inputs, and in fact also an RCA output that allows you to easily link two (or more) basses. Most competitors settle for low levels, but Dynavoice takes it a step further. Some stereo amplifiers may lack this type of output, and then it is excellent to be able to connect the base via its high-level input (ie through speaker cable). If you use a pre-step, there is also a 12V trigger for automatic switch-on.
    Dynavoice X-Change
    Most people recognize this technology from the Dynvoice Challenger and Defintion models, where you can adjust the treble level in different steps. Now the Swedish engineers have taken the X-Change function one step further and added it to their subwoofer amplifiers. Here, X-Change functions as a parametric equalizer, where the engagement frequency is 63 Hz. The level k


    • Manufacturer: Dynavoice
    • Size: 15 inches
    • Amplifier power: RMS: 300 Watt, Peak: 600 Watt
    • Frequency range: 25 - 150 Hz
    • Colour: Black
    • Weight: 33.6 Kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 480 x 524 x 582 mm


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