Dynavoice Magic MW-10, žemų dažnių garso kolonėlė (įvairių spalvų)


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379.00 €
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Kaina: 259.00 €

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Dynavoice Magic MW-10, žemų dažnių garso kolonėlė (įvairių spalvų)


Aktyvi žemų dažnių garso kolonėlė pagaminta taip, kad savo žemais dažniais nustebintų visko klausiusius.

  • Galia; 250W.
  • Dažnių juosta: 30 - 180 Hz.
  • Įmontuotas stiprintuvas.
  • MDF korpusas.



Dynavoice Magic MW-10 active subwoofer with a ported box enclosure. The 10 inch woofer comes to life and produces a rich bass experience thanks to the built-in 180W RMS amplifier. MW10 is built with sturdy MDF and is extremely easy on the eye. Low pass crossover and phase control lets you adjust the low-frequency tones to perfectly match your setup.

MW-10 is the difference, making your home audio system greater than ever before. 
Wether you are building an advanced home cinema system, a stereo system with a pair of bookshelf speakers or a smaller 5.1 system, Dynavoice has a solution for you. Our complete range of subwoofers are designed to suit a normal listening environment. During development we meticulously measure them under the same conditions that can be expected in a home to make sure that you get the maximum amount of bass in your own livingroom.



Type: Subwoofer
Enclosure Type: Ported
Model: MW-10
Colour: Black, White
Power Handling (RMS): 180 W
Power handling (Max): 250 W
Frequency Range: 30 - 180 Hz
Crossover Frequencies: 40 - 180 Hz
Woofer: 10 inch
Dimensions (WxHxD): 295 x 399 x 399 mm
Weight: 14,2 kg




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