Garsiakalbiai JBL GX602, 180W, koaksialiniai, 16.5cm, 2-jų juostų

94.99 €

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  • storeArmatūrininkų g. 1, Kaunas
  • access_time I-V 9:00-18:00

  • Galia: MAX 180W
  • Nominali varža: 2.3 Omai
  • Dažnių diapazonas: 50 - 21.000 Hz
  • Jautrumas: 92 dB

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    Plus One™ Woofer Cones

    Harman’s patented (US patent #7,548,631) Plus One™ polypropylene cones provide more overall speaker-cone area than other cones in its class — the result is higher sensitivity, increased low-frequency output and greater musical character.

    Edge-Driven Soft Dome Tweeter

    Soft dome tweeters deliver a smooth high-frequency response and an increased power handling for highs and mids, which equates to more lifelike sound from vocals, cymbals, brass instruments and pianos.

    True 4 Ohm Technology

    Low-Impedance, three ohm voice coils compensate for the undergauged speaker wiring found in many of today's cars, and make the most of every watt your amplifier or head unit can deliver.


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