Grindinės garso kolonėlės Dynavoice Challenger M-65 EX (v.4), 250W

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Šios kolonėlės pasižymi išraiškingu, detaliu, galingu ir solidžiu garsu. Bei inovatyviu dizainu. Tai visų laikų geriausias Best Selleris savo kainos grupėje.

  • Galia: MAX 250 W  /  RMS 175 W
  • Dažnių diapazonas: 25 32.000 Hz (- 3 dB)
  • Filtro dažniai: 240/2500 Hz
  • Jautrumas: 93 dB
  • Varža: 4-8 omų
  • Vidutinio dažnio: 2 x 5,25 colio anglies pluoštas
  • Žemų dažnių garsiakalbio: 2 x 6.5-colių kevlaras
  • Konstrukcija :4 x fazoinvertoriai gale
  • Matmenys: 1100 x 198 x 395 mm  /  Svoris: 27 kg (1 vnt)

Challenger M -65 was the first speaker in Dynavoice series and has been a bestseller ever since. Challenger M -65 has been upgraded in several stages and now we're up to version 4. The difference between version 3 and version 4 is the only design, when it comes to the sound, we have not found anything to improve. M -65 EX version 4 have rounded corners and a new design on the front and cloth grille. We think this is by far the best looking version of the M- 65 EX so far and we are sure that Challenger M -65 will remain on the throne, now even more secure than before.

The Cabinet
The cabinet to M -65 is designed for maximum stability. This is to provide a tight ”hifi sound” without cabinet resonances. All the walls in the cabinet are 18 mm MDF, a plurality of struts are fitted in the box to give even more stabilizing. Treble and midrange are located in a box so that the elements will not interfere with each other. If you do a simple”knock test" on the box you understand what we mean...

Overall, this gives a really solid speaker with a weight of 27 kg. The new EX version has been equipped with piano lacquered front to give the speaker the upscale look it deserves.

Dynavoice X-Change
At the top of the terminals are three gold-plated connectors. These are used to fine-tune the critical midrange area as desired. Choose between -2 dB / 0 dB / +2 dB / +4 dB. Modification of connectors means that you change the speaker's character. Then you do not have to adjust the bass / treble controls on the amp to get the sound you want.

  • 3 juostų garsiakalbiai
  • Konstrukcija :4 x fazoinvertoriai gale 
  • Paauksuotas dviejų laidų terminalas
  • Vidutinio dažnio: 2 x 5,25 colio anglies pluoštas
  • Žemų dažnių garsiakalbio: 2 x 6.5-colių kevlaras
  • Pagamintos iš 18 mm medžio plokštės
  • Korsoverio reguliavimas -2 dB / 0 dB / +2 dB / +4 dB

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