HELIX AAC.3 HP, išmanusis aktyvus analoginis keitiklis High/Low be transformatorių

Išmanusis aktyvus analoginis konverteris iš Helix. Kokybiškas veikimas garantuotas!

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HELIX AAC.3 HP, išmanusis aktyvus analoginis keitiklis High/Low be transformatorių

Išmanusis aktyvus analoginis konverteris iš Helix. Kokybiškas veikimas garantuotas!

  • Dažnių juosta: 18 Hz - 80,000 Hz.
  • Maksimalus garsiakalbio įvesties lygis: 25 V (= 155 W / 4 Omai).
  • Varža: 13 Omų.



The integration of car hifi components into existing OEM sound systems with an external amplifier becomes more and more challenging as today's lack of preamplifier outputs or incorporate intelligent speaker diagnosis features. That's where the new HELIX AAC.3 HP comes into play.


The smartest high-low converter in its class
Forget about error messages or loss of features (e.g. the fader) – the integrated ADEP.3P circuit cleverly "bypasses" the speaker diagnosis in factory car radios. Distorted sounds and increased THD which may occur with conventional high-low converters are prevented as well. Additionally it doesn't load the car radio's amp unnecessarily and therefore reduces its current draw by up to 70 %.

Smart signal detection
Its “Double Activation Circuit” generates a +12 V remote signal for turning on connected aftermarket power amplifiers in two different manners. Either it detects the DC offset on the speaker outputs of the OE amplifier or it utilizes an integrated, switchable signal detection with variable sensitivity.
Furthermore the AAC.3 HP incorporates Audiotec Fischers proprietary "Power Save Mode", which turns off the remote output if no music signal is present for more than 2 minutes. That's really a great advantage as many cars with "CAN" or similar bus architectures keep the sound system invisibly "alive" for up to 15 min. even if you have already left the car meanwhile.

High Resolution-ready
The AAC.3 HP generates a high-quality preamplifier signal out of the speaker output signal of a factory amplifier and thus allows the easy connection of additional aftermarket power amplifiers. Its wide frequency response of 18 Hz up to 80,000 Hz warrants excellent sound quality and makes this high-low converter ready for High-Res audio reproduction.

For OEM sound systems without a factory assembled amplifier, we recommend using the AAC.3. This is specially developed for the direct connection to the speaker outputs of the factory radio.


  • Allows a simple connection of additional amplifiers to your factory sound system
  • Suitable for all car radios – even those with factory-installed amps
  • “ADEP.3P circuit” for bypassing radio diagnostic systems
  • Microcontroller-controlled monitoring of the music signal and generation of the remote signal
  • “Power Save Mode” – significantly reduces the power consumption of connected amplifiers when no input signal is present (after 2 min.)
  • “Double Activation Circuit” – generates a +12 V remote signal in two different ways to turn on connected amplifiers
  • Excellent sound quality thanks to very wide frequency response (18 Hz - 80 kHz)
  • High-quality, sealed and gold plated RCA / Cinch connectors for lossless signal transmission


        Max. speaker input level 25 Volts (= 155 Watts / 4 Ohms)
        Input impedance 13 Ohms
        Max. output level 4.0 Volts
        Frequency response 18 Hz - 80,000 Hz
        Max. current for remote output 200 mA
        Operating voltage 7 - 18 Volts
        Dimensions (H x W x D) 77 x 37 x 20 mm /
        3.03 x 1.46 x 0.79"


        Für alle OEM-Soundsysteme mit separatem Verstärker und bis zu 155 Watt max. Ausgangsleistung geeignet


        1 x Signal converter AAC.3


        User Manual (EN).


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