Išmanus HighEnd klasės Muzikos grotuvas su stiprintuvu Naim Uniti Atom, HDMI

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Naim Uniti Atom - viskas viename.. puiki garso kokybė , patogus valdymas , gražus dizainas.. Tuo pačiu kompaktiškas, su daugybės šaltinių transliavimu įrenginys kuris pakerės Jus nuostabia garso kokybe ir funkcionalumu. Jo 40 vatų integruotas stiprintuvas ir muzikos transliavimo galimybės užpildys Jūsų namus pribloškiančiu garsu. Galėsite valdyti grotuvą per programėlę su iOS ir Android išmaniaisiais, kurie sujungs visą Jūsų mėgiamą muziką į vieną vietą, bei dar labiau patrauks akį link šio įrenginio.

  • Galia: 2 x 40W (8 omai)
  • Integruota: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Audio Įvestys:
    2x Optinės TOSLink (iki 24bit/96kHz)
    1x koksialinė RCA (iki 24bit/192kHz, DoP 64Fs)
    1x HDMI ARC1x RCA
    2x USB Type A socket (priekyje ir gale)
  • Audio išvestys:
    1x Stereo power amplifier
    1x RCA sub/pre output
    1x 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Svoris: 7kg

    Compact High-End All-in-One

    Uniti Atom is a beautiful, compact multi-source music player that will seduce you with its amazing sound quality and outstanding feature-set. Its 40-watt integrated amplifier and high-resolution music streaming capabilities will fill your home with stunning high-fidelity sound. Atom is perfect as a high-end main system or even for use in the kitchen or study, where space is at a premium. Just add speakers. Our Naim App for iOS and Android combines all of your music sources in one place, making Uniti Atom even more appealing.

    Uniti Atom will be available from ournetwork of specialist retailers in May. Sign up to be the first to discover more.

    Jūsų muzikos kolekcija yra neįsivaizduojama...

    Uniti Atom siūlo begalines galimybes, klausytis savos muzikos.

    Under the Skin of Uniti Atom

    We’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to maximise the sound quality from such a compact all-in-one player. From the substantial transformer, which ensures that the power supply is always smooth and stable, to the sophisticated, hand-wired analogue and digital circuitry, every element of the design in Uniti Atom has been considered for its effect on sound quality.

    Kontroliuok savo veiksmus

    Nauja ir patobulinta Naim programėlė (app)

    The new intuitive Naim App gives you effortless control over individual or multiple Uniti products. You can access all of your music, including your favourite radio stations, streaming services and playlists, or explore artist discographies and biographies. Furthermore, you can now update your system wirelessly with a single tap. The new app also allows you to control both Naim streaming products and Uniti Core.

    Stiklinis ekranas ir inovatyvus nuotolinio valdymo pultelis

    Uniti Atom features a full-colour 5” LCD glass display with a proximity sensor that wakes up on approach, accompanied by a bidirectional intelligent remote control that works in harmony with the unit’s volume control. Giving you complete freedom of movement, Uniti is a joy to use. 

    Uniti Sistema

    Whatever the source, our revolutionary new Uniti players combine seamless digital technology with analogue soul for a sound that’s unmistakably Naim. Play, stream, rip and store entire music collections in flawless high-resolution. Then use our custom-designed software to bring out every note of your music with true high-fidelity sound. New Uniti also gives you the option to sync up to six Uniti systems or other Naim streamers and play music from any source in multiple rooms simultaneously. Or play different music in every room.

    Bringing Uniti to Life

    Conceived and built from the ground up by our engineers and designers in Salisbury, England, Uniti remains true to our core design principles. From the finned aluminum heatsinks (inspired by our Statement flagship amplification system) to the brushed black aluminum casing, the new illuminated signature volume control and the beautifully lit base – every minute detail has been considered to deliver a beautiful aesthetic packed with features and technology whilst achieving reference-level sound quality. Uniti is a true masterpiece of industrial design.

    Purposeful Materiality

    Uniti has been impeccably crafted with materials chosen to be in complete service of the sound. The extruded aluminium heat sinks that run down the length of the product extract heat to maximise thermal stability for increased longevity and sonic performance. The beautifully brushed aluminium top plates are CNC-fabricated for absolute precision and provide a perfect enclosure for the delicate components inside.

    Precision Volume Control

    At the heart of Uniti is an audiophile volume control which adjusts level in the analogue domain to a premium digital resolution. Its ultra-smooth rotation and illumination is inspired by our reference amplification system, Statement. The lit volume segments are reflected in the same fashion on Uniti Atom’s intuitive remote control and will adjust accordingly on the top surface ring if the volume is changed remotely. We’ve also hidden the Bluetooth antenna here for a seamless aesthetic. 

    Give Your Music Some Colour

    With the Uniti range we wanted to deliver total connection to the user’s music collection. A highly polished full-colour 5” LCD display provides rich images of album artwork and content. The screens have proximity sensors and will therefore wake up as someone approaches the machine to display music metadata, audio input information and more. There is also a selection of front-panel buttons including Favourites, Stop and Play.

    • Matmenys:  95 mm x 245 mm x 265 mm
    • Svoris:  7 kg


      Audio Inputs
      • 2 x Optical TOSLink (up to 24bit/96kHz)
      • 1 x Coaxial RCA (up to 24bit/192kHz, DoP 64Fs)
      • 1 x HDMI ARC (optional)
      • 1 x RCA
      • 2 x USB Type A socket (front and rear)
            Audio Outputs
            • 1 x Stereo power amplifier
            • 1 x RCA sub/pre output
            • 1 x 3.5mm headphone jack

                Upgradeable Performance

                In true Naim style, the new Uniti Atom can be upgraded with one our external power amplifiers, such as the compact NAP 100. You can also add a subwoofer for deeper bass extension. And for those with extensive CD collections, you can add a Uniti Core music server to your system to store and stream thousands of albums to your Uniti player and back up all of your music in one place.

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