JVC KW-M565DBT, Multimedija 565

KW-M565DBT yra puikus pramogų sprendimas Jūsų transporto priemonei. Puikus funkcionalumas, išmaniųjų telefonų palaikymas bei didelis 17,3cm ekranas padės įsijausti į naujas pramogas!

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Nuolaida: 349.00 €
Kaina: 349.00 €

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JVC KW-M565DBT, Multimedija 565

KW-M565DBT yra puikus pramogų sprendimas Jūsų transporto priemonei. Puikus funkcionalumas, išmaniųjų telefonų palaikymas bei didelis 17,3cm ekranas padės įsijausti į naujas pramogas!

  • Android Auto palaikymas.
  • Apple CarPlay palaikymas.
  • Android USB Mirroring funkcija.
  • Valdymo rankų gestais palaikymas.


Android Auto ™ via USB

Android Auto was developed with a focus on safety and minimizing distractions while driving. Many useful smartphone apps can be conveniently used in the vehicle via the clearly structured user interface or with the help of the intuitive Android Auto voice control and conveniently operated via the large touch screen of the JVC moniceiver. To use Android Auto, the corresponding app only needs to be installed on the Android smartphone and the mobile phone must be connected to the moniceiver via a USB cable.


Apple CarPlay ™ via USB

CarPlay is the smart and safe way to use the iPhone in the car. The control buttons can be used via the large touch screen of the JVC moniceiver to control Apple Maps, telephone functions or the music player. Alternatively, voice commands can also be used for making calls, navigating or controlling the smartphone using the iPhone's Siri function. From iOS version 13.0, navigation applications such as Google Maps ™ and Waze ™ are also supported.


Android USB mirroring

With the installation of the “Mirroring OA for JVC” app, the entire display content of an Android smartphone can be mirrored on the large screen of the moniceiver and operated via the touchscreen. For example, navigation apps such as Google Maps or Waze and many other helpful applications can be used comfortably and safely in the car. Connection via a USB cable and a compatible Android smartphone is required.

Häufig im Auto genutzte Apps
Navigations Apps   Video Apps   Social Media Apps


Gesture control via touchscreen

With a finger movement on the touchscreen, various operating operations can be carried out intuitively and conveniently, e.g. changing volume or changing tracks. Controlling essential functions using gestures is not only quick and easy, it also makes it safer to use while driving.

DSP for sound optimization

Time Correction & 13-Band EQ:
By setting the loudspeaker size and the distance to the listening position, the DSP calculates the ideal delay for each individual channel and thus ensures that the music is played back at the correct time. The 13-band equalizer can be used to raise or lower individual frequencies in order to optimize the acoustic conditions in the vehicle.

DAB + digital radio with automatic DAB / FM switching
The DAB + tuner receives the extensive range of digitally broadcast radio programs, even at high speeds, free of noise, crackling and level fluctuations - and not only in Germany, because DAB programs are now available in many European countries. All available DAB stations can be selected directly from a list shown on the radio display. And if a sufficiently strong DAB broadcast signal is not available, the tuner automatically switches to the appropriate FM frequency. "Service following" ensures correct switching between the radio station that can be received via DAB and VHF.


  • Digital radio receiver for DAB + including automatic switchover between DAB and FM
  • Supports Apple Car Play (via USB)
  • Supports Android Auto (via USB)
  • Bluetooth technology (* Available functions depend on the cell phone.)
  • Bluetooth module for hands-free (HFP 1.6)
  • Bluetooth hands-free function & audio streaming (A2DP) including advanced control & search functions (AVRCP 1.6)
  • Compatible with voice control of Android / iOS devices
  • Bluetooth Phonebook Access (PBAP)
  • Auto pairing function for iPhone / Android
  • USB charging function with up to 1.5A charging current
  • Graphic 13-band tone control (EQ)



  • Screen size 17.3 cm wide VGA
  • Capacitive touch panel
  • Touch-controlled monitor Yes
  • Customizable graphical user interface (GUI) Yes
  • Key illumination blue
  • Dimmer yes
  • Multilingual ad Yes
  • Supported media formats
  • MP3 compatible with tag display USB
  • WMA compatible with Tag USB
  • WAV playback with tag display USB
  • AAC playback with tag display USB
  • FLAC playback with tag display USB
  • H.264 compatible USB
  • WMV compatible USB
  • MPEG-1/2 compatible USB
  • MPEG 4 compatible USB
  • AVI / MKV compatible USB

Bluetooth control

  • Bluetooth integrated Yes (including microphone)
  • Hands-free kit Yes (HFP 1.6 with improved voice transmission)
  • Supported audio formats AAC / SBC
  • Audio Streaming & Control Profiles (A2DP, AVRCP) Yes
  • Voice control for call function (only compatible smartphones) Yes
  • Access to mobile phone directory (PBAP) Yes
  • Alphabetical Search for Cell Phone Phonebook Yes
  • Auto pairing function • (only for Android)

Android controls

  • compatible with Android Auto • (USB)
  • Android control • (via Bluetooth (R))
  • Android USB mirroring Yes (via USB) * Mirroring app required
  • iPod / iPhone control
  • Compatible with Apple Car Play • (USB)
  • USB
  • USB port x 1 (high speed)
  • Rear position
  • Power supply via USB connection Yes (up to 1.5 A charging current)
  • tuner
  • Radio Data System Yes
  • Station memory 20 (15 x FM, 5 x MW)
  • Automatic radio station search (memory sorting according to reception quality) Yes
  • Integrated DAB + digital radio
  • Frequency response band III: 174.928MHz to 239.200MHz


  • Frequency response 87.5-108.0MHz
  • AT THE
  • Frequency response 531 - 1,611 kHz


  • Maximum output power (front & rear) 45Wx4
  • Nominal power with broadband measurement (front & rear) 21W x 4 (full bandwidth at less than 1% THD)
  • EQ • (13-band graphic equalizer)
  • Equalizer (EQ) presets Yes (7 preset + 3 user)
  • High-pass filter / low-pass filter Yes, 2 x 6.35 mm input on the back, adjustable
  • Bass boost function Yes
  • Time Alignment Yes
  • Entrances and exits
  • AV input mini jack (AV-IN or camera switchable)
  • Cinch video outputs
  • Preamplifier output (Pre-Out) level / impedance 2.0 volts / 10 K ohms
  • Rear view camera input Yes
  • Preamp outputs 2 preouts (front + rear) + suboofer (cable)
  • Subwoofer output with adjustable level and variable crossover frequency Yes


  • Backup storage Yes
  • IR remote control prepared (Requires RM-RK258)
  • Steering wheel remote control connection Yes
  • Learning Direct OEM Remote Yes
  • ISO connector Yes
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • Installation dimensions 182 x 112 x 75 (mm)
  • Weight 1.3 kg (including installation frame & wiring harness)


User Manual (EN).


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