Kabelinis diržas Helix Match PP-ISO 2

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Plug & Play kabelinis diržas su 1.0 / 2.2 / 5.0 m ilgiais, prijungti visus PP stiprintuvus, gamyklinei automobilio radijai su ISO jungtimis.

  • Kabelinio diržo ilgiai:
    PP-ISO 1 = 39.4 inch / 1 m
    PP-ISO 2 = 86.6 inch / 2.20 m
    PP-ISO 5 = 196.8 inch / 5 m
  • Jungtys:
    1 x 20-pole MOLEX connector
    2 x ISO male connector (chamber A and B)
    2 x ISO female connector (chamber A and B)
  • Funkcijos:
    Integruotas saugiklis
    Permanent and ignition plus configurable
    Dual power laidai
    Snake-Skin jacket to protect single wires
  • Plug & Play connector for an easy connection of a PP-amplifier (20 pole MOLEX connector)
  • ISO-connection (for connecting the factory car radio via ISO-connector and socket)

Our accessories kiss your toolbox good-bye – the ready-for-use complete ISO cables harnesses for all Plug & Play amplifiers make the installation quick and foolproof without having to cut, insulate or solder a single wire. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Can be used for the following devices: MATCH PP 52DSP, MATCH PP 62DSP, MATCH PP82DSP, MATCH M 5DSP

For car radios without ISO connectors an additional ISO-adaptor (PP-AC cable harness) is needed, which has to be connected between the ISO cable harness (PP-ISO) and the car radios. The needed ISO-adaptor can easily be found in ouradaptor database.


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