Kambario kontroliavimo blokas Hotel RCU

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  • storeArmatūrininkų g. 1, Kaunas
  • access_time I-V 9:00-18:00

The RCU is a new generation of hotel Guest Room Control Unit which supports Hotel Host control, Mix control, Dry contact input, doorbell functions, and LED indication functions.

  • Darbinė įtampa: DC20-30V
  • Statikinis energijos suvartojimas: 60mA / DC24V
  • Dinaminis energijos suvartojimas: 300mA / DC24V
  • Signalo sąsaja: HDL Buspro, RJ45, INNER Buspro
  • RJ45 sąsaja: UDP / IP tinklo sąsaja
  • TRIAC: 16A TRIAC, minimali apkrova yra 30w
  • Buspro terminalas: viengysliai kabeliai 0,75-0,85 mm
  • Reliu išvestis: 5A / 10A
  • Matmenys: 216 x 90 x 56 mm  /  Svoris: 725g
  • Apsaugos laipsnis: IP20

All in one

This multifunctional unit is capable of mixed relay output, dry contact input, dual communication protocols, and doorbell functions. It can also control and monitor different targets and devices such as panels, curtains, doorbell, lamps, fans, and air conditioning, etc.

Dual interfaces

Both RJ45 and HDL Buspro interfaces are supported.TheRJ45 IP interface enables the unit to connect to the existing Ethernet network in a hotel; this allows the hotel property management system and the hotel management software to share check-in/check-out data, and other valuable information. The HDL Buspro interface is used to connect modules in the HDL Buspro network like panels, doorbells, and sensors, etc.

Relay output

The 17 channels which the RCU can output either 5A or 10A, these outputs enable the control of Incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and low voltage halogen lamps.

Doorbell functionality

Doorbell LED indication is supported and controlled via 5 dedicated channels from the RCU, this enables the doorbell to display the room number, and laundry, cleaning, and DND status.

Dry contact input

A total of 24 dry contact inputs can be used as control targets via the hotel management software. It also enables the dry contact inputs to work with the LED outputs to manage and control 3rd party doorbells.


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