KEF Kube8b, žemų dažnių garso kolonėlė

Neleiskite, kad "Kube 8b" užimtų daug vietos, tačiau jo skleidžiami bosai yra visai ne maži.

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Nuolaida: 649.00 €
Kaina: 649.00 €

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KEF Kube8b, žemų dažnių garso kolonėlė

Neleiskite, kad "Kube 8b" užimtų daug vietos, tačiau jo skleidžiami bosai yra visai ne maži.

  • Galia: 300 W.
  • D klasės stiprintuvas.
  • Dažnių juosta: 34- 140Hz (-6dB).

8 inch bass driver active subwoofer

Don't let its compact size fool you, the Kube 8b may not take up much space but the bass it delivers is anything but small.

With an 8 inch driver the Kube8b is perfect for smaller living rooms. It shares the 300 Watts Class D amp from the bigger Kubes and has iBX technology to extend the bass depth dynamically.

Hear new dimensions in sound with Kube subwoofers

The Kube 8b effortlessly unleashes explosive power. iBX technology extends the bass depth dynamically and KEF’s unique ability to design, build and integrate the driver in-house takes optimisation to a whole new level. Delivering immersive music and home theatre sound that takes you to the heart of the performance.
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Go deep or go home. KEF’s design and engineering team worked in chorus to develop iBX. This Intelligent Bass Extension algorithm creates an extended depth that unlocks the full potential of the custom driver. Giving you unparalleled precision and ultimate synchronicity between amplifier, driver and sealed cabinet.
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Easy configuration

Kube subwoofers offer unmatched set up flexibility. A range of LFE, line and speaker-level inputs, phase selection and DSP controlled EQ settings help you get the best from a Kube. Put it in a convenient place, match it to any main speaker or type of music system and start exploring new depths in the sound.


KEF is quite possibly the only high-end manufacturer that designs, engineers and assembles the driver, cabinet and circuitry in-house. This level of integration means we are commited to pure sound and the Kube stays true to that ideal. The result is a driver and amplifier that are perfectly in tune.


Weight 11.3kg Dimensions (with Rear panel and feet / H x W x D)
293 x 293 x 310mm (11.5 x 11.5 x 12.2in.)
Design Powered Subwoofer (sealed) Power Requirements 100V - 120V / 220V - 240V ~ 50 / 60Hz Unit Measurement Piece
Variable Low Pass Filter 40Hz - 140Hz & LFE Frequency Response 34 to 140Hz (-6dB)
Maximum Output 105dB Recommended Amplifier Power 300 Watts RMS
Amplifier Type Built-in Class-D
Drive Units 1 x 200mm (8in.) Inputs RCA phono sockets Speaker level inputs Analogue Input RCA phono sockets Speaker level inputs



User Manual (EN).


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