Multimedija automobiliui JVC KW-M540BT, Naujoviškas standartas Weblink, Youtube, Waze, Spotify, USB, BLUETOOTH

 Tiesiog prijunkite savo išmanųjį ir naudokitės begalę suteikiamų funkcijų, tokių kaip Youtube, Waze, Spotify ar WebLink ir kitomis.

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Nuolaida: 390.00 €
Kaina: 390.00 €

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Multimedija automobiliui JVC KW-M540BT, Naujoviškas standartas Weblink, Youtube, Waze, Spotify, USB, BLUETOOTH

 Tiesiog prijunkite savo išmanųjį ir naudokitės begalę suteikiamų funkcijų, tokių kaip Youtube, Waze, Spotify ar WebLink ir kitomis.

  •  WebLink palaikymas
  • 6.8" WVGA lietimui jautrus ekranas
  • 3 poros aukšto lygio 4.0V 3 linijiniai išėjimai RCA
  • USB 2vnt.  stiprumas 1,5A (krauti ir valdyt naujausiems išmaniems tel.)
  • Dviejų telefonų palaikymas vienu metu per  Bluetooth
  • Maksimalus galingumas: 4 x 50W
  • MOS-FET stiprintuvas
  • Galimybė prijungti 2 telefonus Bluetooth ryšiu 
    saugiu ir paprastu poravimu
  • JVC valdymo app (programėlė)
  • Laisvų rankų skambučiai per Bluetooth
  • iPhone / Android išmaniųjų palaikymas
  • Multimedijos valdymas nuo multifunkcinio vairo
  • Žemų dažnių garsiakalbio išvestis su lygio / dažnio valdymu
  • Matmenys: 178 x 100 x 162mm  /  Svoris: 1.4 kg

WebLink™ Compatible

WebLink™ is easy-to-use and gives you in-dash control of select apps. The system needs three things to do its magic: a compatible JVC Multimedia Receiver, an iPhone or Android smartphone, and a compatible app that works with WebLink. You will be able to use your receiver to control these popular apps on your phone. The WebLink car connectivity solution offers the fastest and easiest way for drivers to elevate their in-vehicle, smartphone experience to the next level. WebLink is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Clear Resistive Touch Panel Display

The clear resistive touch panel with high transparency and high luminance provides bright images with vivid colors.

2 Phones Full-Time Connection

You can connect two phones full time via Bluetooth, with secure and simple pairing. Calls to either phone can be received by a push of a key on the head unit.

iPhone® Bluetooth Automatic Pairing

Just connect your iPhone via USB and the automatic Bluetooth pairing function will work to complete the pairing. No complicated manual procedure to worry about.

Improved Sound Quality with HFP 1.6 Wideband Speech

Improved sound quality thanks to HD Voice contributes to a higher level of voice recognition accuracy.

Bluetooth AVRCP1.5 for Versatile Song Selection

In addition to repeat and random playback of music files, you can also easily search for songs using the browsing function. Just look for and choose the song you want to hear from the folder name and song name lists.

Time Alignment

By selecting the speaker type and the distance to the centre of the listening position, the head unit will automatically adjust the timing of the sound output from each of the speakers so that the sound from each of the speakers will arrive exactly at the same time to the listening position.

Sound Response

Cancels time distortion to create clearer sound during the playback of compressed audio files.

Space Enhancement

Space Enhancement is a virtual surround technology using 2 speakers. Just select the vehicle size, and the head unit automatically adjusts the sound effectively.

Sound Lift

Virtually manipulate the height of the speakers by adjusting the sound frequencies.

Volume Link EQ

Volume Link EQ boosts specific frequencies in the audio signal to compensate for the impact of road noise. It boosts frequencies in the music that are affected by road noise.

13-Band Equalizer

Use the 13-Band Equalizer to manually adjust the sound to your taste.

Spotify Control

Listen to Spotify from your smartphone with smooth control on the headunit via USB or Bluetooth connection for iPhone, and via Bluetooth for Android devices.

Direct OEM Steering Remote Function

No need for a third party adapter for most Japanese/Korean cars. Click here for details.

Third Party TV Control

By connecting only two cables (composite AV cable and remote control cable), an external TV tuner box* can be controlled. You can operate the function such as channel up/down with simple touch control.

*TV tuner box is optional. 

  • Screen Size 6.8" Wide VGA
  • Touch Panel Clear Resistive
  • Customisable GUI Yes
  • Key Illumination Color White
  • Dimmer Yes
  • Multilingual Display Yes[2]
  • Wallpaper Capture Yes
    Media Playback
    • MP3 Compatible with Tag USB
    • WMA Compatible with Tag USB
    • WAV Compatible with Tag USB
    • AAC Compatible with Tag USB
    • FLAC Compatible with Tag USB ( Up to 192kHz/24bit )
    • H.264 Compatible USB
    • WMV Compatible USB
    • MPEG 1/2 Compatible USB
    • MPEG 4 Compatible USB
    • AVI/MKV Compatible USB
    • JPEG File Playback USB
    • PNG File Playback USB
    • BMP File Playback USB
    Bluetooth Control
    • Built-in Bluetooth[1] Yes (Version 3.0, Wired-Mic included)
    • Hands Free Call Yes (HFP1.6 Wideband Speech)
    • 2 Phones Full-Time Connection Yes
    • Audio Streaming & Control (A2DP, AVRCP) Yes
    • Voice Dialing (voice recognition compatible mobile phone required) Yes
    • Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) Yes
    • Alphabetical Search for Phone Book Yes
    • Auto Pairing for iPhone/Android Yes (iPhone only)
      Android Control
      • Mirroring for Android Yes (via USB)
      • Spotify Control Yes (via Bluetooth(R))
      iPod/iPhone Control
      • iPod/iPhone Music Playback Yes (via USB or Bluetooth(R))
      • Spotify Control Yes (via USB or Bluetooth(R))
      • USB Port x 2 (High speed)
      • Position Rear
      • USB Power Supply Yes (1.5A High Current Charging)
      • Drive Change Mode for Mass Storage Class (selectable from internal/external memory) Yes
        Radio Tuner
        • Radio Data System Yes
        • Digital Processing Tuner Yes
        • Preset Stations 24(FM:18ch, AM:6ch)
        • Automatic Presetting (Strong Station Sequential Memory) Yes
        • FM  Frequency Range 87.5 - 108.0MHz
        • AM  Frequency Response 531 - 1,611kHz
          • Maximum Power Output (Front & Rear) 50W x 4
          • Full Bandwidth Power (Front & Rear) 22W x 4 (Full Bandwidth Power, at less than 1% THD)
          • MOS-FET Amplifier Yes
          • EQ Yes (13-Band Graphic EQ)
          • Preset EQ Yes (8Preset + 4user)
          • Bass Boost Yes
          • High-Pass Filter/Low-Pass Filter Yes/Yes
          • 3-Way X'over Yes
          • Space Enhancement Yes
          • Sound Response Yes
          • Sound Lift Yes
          • Volume Link EQ Yes
          • Time Alignment Yes
            Inputs and Outputs
            • AV Input mini jack
            • Video Out RCA
            • RGB Input for 3rd Party Navigation JVC compatible Navi box
            • Rear view camera Input Yes
            • Line Output Terminals 3 Pairs (Front + Rear + Subwoofer)
            • Pre-output Level/Impedance 4.0V / 10k ohms
            • Subwoofer Output with Level/Frequency Control Yes
              • Back Up Memory Yes
              • Face Type 
              • Viewing Angle Adjustment Yes (0 - 20 degree, default : 0 degree) 4 steps
              • Wireless Remote Control Type Yes
              • Steering Remote Control Ready Yes
              • Learning Direct OEM Remote Yes
              • 3rd Party TV Control Yes
              • Dimensions (W x H x D) 
              • Installation Size 178 x 100 x 162 (mm)
              • Weight 1.4kg
              • Unit weight in individual package 2.1kg