Navigacinė sistema Pioneer AVIC-EVO1-PL1-VAL, skirta VW Polo (6C)

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AVIC-EVO1-PL1-VAL modelis su 7” WVGA jutikliniu ekranu leis mėgautis aukštos klasės navigacija, Apple CarPlay & Android ryšiu, nepakartojama garso / vaizdo raiška bei visų šių funkcijų valdymu vienu prisilietimu. Integruotas DAB / DAB + skaitmeninis radijo imtuvas, Bluetooth ryšys su laisvų rankų funkcija, bei 13-juostų grafinis ekvalaizeris kuris leis pasirinkti jums pageidaujamą garso stilių. 

  • Galia : 4 x 50W MOSFET
  • Palaiko:
    *RDS FM / AM imtuvas (24 iš anksto nustatytų stočių)
    *DAB + imtuvas su Time Shift funkcija
    *Jūsų iPod, iPhone, Android išmaniuosius
    *Bluetooth audio
    *Kitus muzikos ir vaizdo įrenginius per Aux-In
  • Per USB:
    *AAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV ir WMA garso failus
    *DivX, FLV, H.264, MKV, MPEG4 ir WMV vaizdo failus
    *JPEG atvaizdo failus
  • 7” WVGA lietimui jautrus ekranas
  • iPod / iPhone, Android įrenginių palaikymas
Šio modelio spalva: Satin Black

Bluetooth - maximise connectivity for hands-free calling and easy wireless audio streaming.

Android Auto - Via the simple and intuitive interface or voice commands you can browse and stream music or engage Google Maps for navigation and live traffic information without taking your eyes off the road.

Digital Radio Tick Mark Approved product - In order to be granted use of the tick mark, manufacturers must meet the minimum specification, verified by independent testing. All Pioneer products that use this Tick Mark have been independently tested and approved so you can buy with confidence.

Apple CarPlay - make calls, use Maps, listen to music and access messages with just a word or a touch and experience the best in-car iPhone experience.

FLAC - enjoy FLAC lossless digital audio files in your vehicle with playback output at CD quality, without the need to convert.

DAB+ - enjoy the convenience of listening to your favourite radio stations in crystal clear digital quality.

Works with iPod / iPhone - With iPod and iPhone Direct Control, you can manage your i-device directly from your car dashboard and enjoy superior sound.

Dual USB -  opens up a whole new span of options for your system. Plug in your passenger's iPod® while leaving your own connected, practically doubling your music. Keep your iPod® in your car and add new songs into the mix with a USB drive. The possibilities are endless.

13-band Graphical EQ - adjust your audio output in detail for a music experience tailored to your preferences.

7" Capacitive Touchscreen7" - Capacitive Touchscreen allows for very responsive multi-touch gestures like pinch to zoom, plus swipe and scroll controls at your fingertips.

MIXTRAX - MIXTRAX keeps the party going with a non-stop mix of your music library complete with a range of DJ-inspired effects and club-style illumination.

TMC Traffic Info Receiver - stay informed on traffic and travel information delivered directly to your navigation system.

AVICSYNC - unleash the power of your navigation system with traffic, local search and weather from your smartphone.


NAVGATE EVO integrates OEM car centric functions, such as climate control and park assist.




NAVGATE EVO is available in different colour finishes, to perfectly integrate into your car, seamlessly.




NAVGATE EVO reuses the existing steering wheel control buttons, to ensure you do not lose functionality and maintain ease of use.




NAVGATE EVO retains the original Multi Function display, positioned directly in front of you. Information can be seen at a glance, being car or NAVGATE EVO data, without taking your attention away from the road ahead.



The 7” WVGA multitouch capacitive screen allows you to control the system by touch, pinch or scroll. The screen also displays maps, car centric information, apps and audio/video functions.



NAVGATE EVO is equipped with dual USB ports, one of which connects directly to the cars original USB port location, allowing the existing USB location to be reused to plug & play external devices easily.


Apple CarPlay™ is a smarter, safer and more fun way to use your iPhone in the car. It offers easy navigation and extensive audio and communication capabilities, all while you keep your eyes safely on the road. Use Apple’s highly intelligent Siri voice assistant to get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and select your favorite music. To enjoy CarPlay, an iPhone 5 (or later) running iOS 7.1 (or above) is required, as well as a USB to Lightning cable.

Android™ Auto allows consumers to quickly connect their compatible smartphones for navigation, communications, music and more. By extending the Android platform in a way that’s purpose-built for the car, Android Auto is designed as powerful voice actions, with safety in mind. Android Auto utilises a simple and intuitive interface, as well as powerful new voice actions, so users can stay focused on the road.

Pioneer’s unique NAVGATE EVO system perfectly matches the look & feel of your Volkswagen Golf VII. It brings high-end navigation, extensive Apple CarPlay & Android connectivity, as well as outstanding audio/video performance, all smartly combined in a single, easy to use package.

The beautiful, easy to read 7” WVGA capacitive multi-touch screen lets you control the system by touch. It also displays maps, car centric information (like parking sensors, airco, …) apps and audio/video functions.

NAVGATE EVO is equipped with Pioneer’s acclaimed AVIC technology, which offers precise navigation with up-to-date map data for 46 European countries with over 10 million points of interest (POI). Voice guidance offers instructions in 30 different languages. Unique features such as 3D Gyro, Speed Pulse and Reverse sensors precisely measure your vehicle’s movements, so the system knows your vehicle’s exact direction.
The system is also Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatible. CarPlay offers easy to use audio and communication capabilities, all while you keep your eyes safely on the road. Android Auto lets you connect a compatible smartphone for communications, music and more.

NAVGATE EVO is equipped with an integrated DAB/DAB+ digital radio tuner and includes a very powerful audio/video system with sophisticated Auto EQ/Auto Time Alignment* functions and a 13 band Graphic EQ, which allows you to create your own preferred sound style. Last but not least, you’ll get MOSFET 50W x 4 of pure amplifier power.


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