Neoline X-COP 9300S, vaizdo registratorius- radarų detektorius

Pats pačiausias naujausiomis technologijomis aprūpintas vaizdo registratorius - radarų detektorius. Jauskitės saugiai kelyje su tikriausiai patikimiausiu rinkoje registratoriumi!

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Nuolaida: 429.00 €
Kaina: 429.00 €

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Neoline X-COP 9300S, vaizdo registratorius- radarų detektorius

Pats pačiausias naujausiomis technologijomis aprūpintas vaizdo registratorius - radarų detektorius. Jauskitės saugiai kelyje su tikriausiai patikimiausiu rinkoje registratoriumi!

  • Filmuoja stovėjimo metu, seka akumuliatoriaus įtampą.
  •  Rezoliucija: Full HD 1920x1080 (30FPS).
  • Pasaulinio lygio radarų bazė (GPS).
  • G-Sensorius, parkavimosi režimas.
  • Hibridinė elektrą taupanti technologija.
  • Pagaminta Pietų Korėjoje

GPS duomenų bazės atnaujinimas 2023-05-11


NEOLINE X-COP 9300s – a hybrid with an enlarged horn for better detection of modern low-power
radars, an enlarged GPS antenna for precise geolocation. Display directed towards the driver, a FULL
HD recording resolution, an extended configuration and an excellent price-performance ratio makes
this device one of the best hybrids.



Serves to eliminate false alarms, especially from sensors of dead zones of other vehicles. At the
same time, unlike similar technologies from other manufacturers, there is no false blocking of signals
from real police radars.
Own development of the NEOLINE company


e hybrid recodes in Full HD resolution with support for bit rates up to 20 Mbps. Multi-lens glass
optics and a Sony sensor provide high quality video in any lights. A wide viewing angle of 135
degrees allows you to cover five roads lanes and the side of the road.


e design advantage of NEOLINE X-COP 9300s is the display directed to the driver. e angle of
rotation of the display is optimal and improves the readability of the display even in sunny
weather, and the frames around the display prevent glare.


Due to the widespread use of low-power police radars a special enlarged horn is installed in the
device to ensure reliable reception of signals against "elusive" police radars. e special "Turbo" mode
is especially effective against such radars. A special speed setting has been created for it - "Auto
turbo", which automatically turns on the "Turbo" mode when the set speed is reached.


e device has a built-in special GPS antenna for the most accurate positioning in any area. e
antenna has an increased size of 25x25 mm, located directly under the top cover of the case, which,
along with a powerful GPS module, provides a fast and stable connection to satellites.

e device has a built-in base of radars and cameras from all over the world: Russia, Europe, USA,
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Israel, CIS, Turkey, the Middle East, Australia, etc. e database includes
data on more than one hundred thousand radars. Updates take place monthly on the

NEOLINE X-COP 9300s is equipped with a supercapacitor. Unlike a standard battery, the
supercapacitor ensures stable operation of the device at low and high temperatures and has a long
service life. anks to the supercapacitor, many typical problems have been solved: overheating,
explosion hazard of the battery, loss of the "last" files.


e user can independently set the functionality of this button: changing the display brightness,
adding / removing a Dangerous Zone or a Silence Zone, starting an emergency video recording.


e set with the device comes with a special mount with active power supply (Neoline H91 3M
Power) on 3M tape, which firmly fixes the hybrid on the windshield and allows you to rotate the
device 180 degrees for shooting inside the car. To connect a mount, special contacts are provided in
the device housing, in the mount connector. e power cable plugs directly into the mount, there is
no need to connect the cable to the device every time.


  • Power cable
  • Power socket
  • Connection

Included with the device, the user will find a unique CPL filter specially designed for the NEOLINE
X-COP 9300s hybrid. It is necessary to effectively eliminate sun glare and vehicle panel reflection
from the windshield.


Included with the device you will find a special 12 / 24V Neoline Fuse Cord 3 Pin power cable
designed to connect the hybrid directly to the vehicle's on-board network. "Parking" mode - when the
engine is off, the GPS and the radar module will be disabled, while the DVR continues to work and is
connected to the vehicle's electrical network. After the set time, the hybrid will enter Parking mode.
When the G-sensor is triggered, video will be recorded to the “Parking” folder.


In the detection mode, the display provides easy-to-read information:
- type of police radar
- type of traffic control
- distance to the GPS point
- avarage speed
- speed limit
- current vehicle speed
- type of incoming signal
- signal strength
- entering a danger zone or silent zone

Unique Auto Turbo function


Using this function, the user does not need to worry about switching to a more sensitive detection
mode when entering the track. e Hybrid will automatically change the current sensitivity mode to
Turbo mode when the set speed is reached. So the user can set the quiet mode "City", and when
entering the highway and reaching a speed, for example, 90 km / h, the long-range mode "Turbo" will
automatically turn on.


NEOLINE X-COP 9300s is a development by leading Korean experts in the field of automotive
electronics, aimed at improving driver safety.
NEOLINE X-COP 9300s is the perfect combination of Korean quality and reliability.


When new firmware and GPS bases are released, you need to update them using a Micro SD
memory card. e latest firmware and GPS base will allow you not to miss the newly installed
police radars and cameras.
Follow the official firmware updates on the website



 • 2 "TFT display
• Resolution Full HD 1920x1080 (30 fps)
• Matrix SONY
• Viewing angle 135 °, 6 glass lenses
• Video format: MP4
• Time of emergency recording: before the incident 5 sec, after 25 sec
• Built-in supercapacitor
• Support for Micro SD memory card up to 128 GB
• Rotate the device to the salon
• Loop recording
• Automatic night mode video recording
• Built-in multifunctional video player
• Display brightness
• Auto-fade display
• 2 screen saver modes: speedometer and dark
• Audio recording
• Change video quality (bitrate)
• Sharpness, contrast, exposure
• Wide dynamic range (WDR)
• Sensitivity of the G-sensor in motion and in parking mode
• Sensitivity of the motion sensor in parking mode
• Parking mode
• Length of a single video; Voice alert about satellites
• Time synchronization by GPS
• Display of date, time, speed, car plate number on the video
• Automatic shutdown of hybrid in parking mode when voltage drops
• Voice prompts in Russian, English and Lithuanian
• Default settings
• Formatting the memory card
• Self-distribution of the memory card volume between the Driving, Event,
Parking folders
• Display of software version
• Updating software and GPS database using Micro SD memory card
• Working temperature from -10 ° to + 60 °
• Input voltage: DC 12-24V
• Current consumption: 240-600 mA
• Made in Korea
• Warranty: 24 months


• Z-signature filter
• Detection of signals of a wide frequency range (K, Laser, Ka, M, G)
• GPS base of police radars around the world
• Notification about traffic control cameras (OT lane, "in the back", roadside, inter-
section, zebra crossing)
• Voice notification about 45 types of stationary radars
• Display on the display of the current distance to the camera / speed / permitted
speed / average speed / signal strength / camera name / type of traffic control
• Sensitivity modes: City / Highway / Turbo / X-COP
• Ability to disable the K range in the "City" mode
• K band settings: wide, narrow, super narrow
• Auto mute
• Disable audio and voice alerts for GPS and RD based on speed
• Disable all sound and voice alerts
• Disable GPS base
• Disable radar module
• Priority of GPS or radar module
• Automatic activation of the "Turbo" mode
• Adding a Zone of Silence and a Dangerous Zone
• Setting the radius of the Silence Zone and the Dangerous Zone
• Permissible overspeeding
• Maximum speed
• Range of GPS alerts based on speed, by value in the database GPS or by the set
• Signal on passage
• Metric km / h or mph
• Disable specific types of GPS points
• Removing all Zones of Silence and Dangerous Zones
• Detection range up to 1.5 km
• VG-2 detection protection



• Hybrid NEOLINE X-COP 9300s
• Anti-glare CPL filter
• Mount on 3M adhesive tape with active Smart Click power supply
• Power cable for Neoline Power Cord Hybrid car socket (DC 12-24 V)
• Power cable to the on-board network Neoline Fuse Cord 3 pin (DC 12-24 V)
• Quick Start Guide
• Warranty card



User Manual (EN).



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