Pandora MINI, išmani signalizacija automobiliui


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Nuolaida: 320.00 €
Kaina: 320.00 €

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Pandora MINI, išmani signalizacija automobiliui


Išmani signalizacija Jūsų automobiliui. Visa reikalinga informacija ir funkcijos valdomos per aplikaciją.

  • Apple ir Android telefonų palaikymas.
  • Apsauga nuo ECU sukeitimo.
  • Apsauga nuo ryšio blokavimo įrangos. 
  • Apsauga nuo užvedimo sistemos modifikavimo.


Modern premium car alarm with design controls and minimalist design of the control unit for perfectly discreet installation. In addition to the standard unbeatable Pandora security, the MINI system has a 3D acceleration chip that records the tilt, vibration and movement of the vehicle using sophisticated algorithms.
The connection to the CAN – BUS data buses enables installation even on the most modern vehicles of the premium segment.

The Pandora MINI car alarm is a top security system that can be used to protect the most modern vehicles. Each of the system components consists of high-quality components, which together create an unbeatable security system. Pandora MINI recognizes the owner of the vehicle based on the approach of a unique authorization tag of minimalist dimensions and all its functions can be controlled conveniently using a mobile application.


The safety and quality of all Pandora products is in line with the demanding approval requirements of European Standard EHK 116 tested by the prestigious TÜV SÜD.

Full security

The waterproof control unit with built-in blocking relay and encrypted connection via Bluetooth uses sophisticated anti-hijacking algorithms to prevent any unauthorized use.

Unique solution

The security of the Pandora MINI vehicle authorizes the authorized person with the help of minimalist design pendants with an adjustable level of protection. The system communicates via Bluetooth 4.2 and, together with other functions, enables effective protection of the most modern vehicles.

Advanced level of protection

You can easily control Pandora IMMO security with a minimalist design pendant and also with the Bluetooth application PANDECT BT. Thanks to this, you have the remote control of advanced functions of your vehicle literally at your fingertips. The “PANDECT BT” app is available for free in the Google Play and App Store.

Quality guarantee

Pandora systems are completely developed, manufactured and tested by a team of top engineers in a single production facility and are subject to multiple checks before handover to achieve the highest levels of quality.

All in one

Pandora IMMO is a compact solution for securing the vehicle and does not need any additional modules for proper functionality.

Pandora Alarm

Security system Pandora brings to motorists the final solution to secure their most precious “toys”, complemented with the number of advanced technologies. Numerous security components which monitor the functions of the vehicle, protect it from stealing in different situations, even in the case of the original key theft, a tow or the misuse of the remote starter.

Get to know the allure of perfect temperature of the interior in any weather, prolong the life time of your engine with the remoter-control starter, and enjoy the feeling of safety thanks to insurmountable security of Pandora.

Only with Pandora you can master, monitor, cool down or heat up your car only with the finger touch, thanks to the smartphone application, safely interconnected with all the systems. Forget about tasteless and clumsy remote-controls, combine the pleasing with the useful and transfer your vehicle to the new era of security and comfort.



  • vehicle theft protection
  • jammer protection
  • ECU replacement protection
  • ignition switch replacement protection
  • key duplicate protection
  • remote control reader protection
  • vehicle motion sensor
  • tilt sensor
  • shock sensor


  • immobiliser tag
  • factory remote control
  • bluetooth mobile app



  • fuel status display
  • battery status display
  • engine temperature display *
  • interior temperature display


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