Pažangi navigacinė sistema Alpine INE-W997DC, su 7-ių colių ekranu

INE-W997DC - profesionalus navigacijos sprendimas sunkvežimiams (sunkiasvorėms krovininėms transporto priemonėms) ar kemperiams. Naudokite konkrečius žemėlapius ir neteks jaudintis dėl netinkamo kelio jūsų transporto priemonei dėl jos aukščio ar svorio. Navigacija su plačiu 7" ekranu sukuria visiškai naujus automobilinės įrangos naudojimo pojūčius. Labai didelis ekranas visapusišką sistemą paverčia dar patogesne, o žiūrėdami filmus pasijausite kaip kino teatre. Netgi perskirtame ekrane vaizdas tikrai puikus.

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Nuolaida: 1,150.00 €
Kaina: 1,150.00 €

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Pažangi navigacinė sistema Alpine INE-W997DC, su 7-ių colių ekranu

INE-W997DC - profesionalus navigacijos sprendimas sunkvežimiams (sunkiasvorėms krovininėms transporto priemonėms) ar kemperiams. Naudokite konkrečius žemėlapius ir neteks jaudintis dėl netinkamo kelio jūsų transporto priemonei dėl jos aukščio ar svorio. Navigacija su plačiu 7" ekranu sukuria visiškai naujus automobilinės įrangos naudojimo pojūčius. Labai didelis ekranas visapusišką sistemą paverčia dar patogesne, o žiūrėdami filmus pasijausite kaip kino teatre. Netgi perskirtame ekrane vaizdas tikrai puikus.

Puikią garso kokybę papildo didelės plėtros galimybės, įskaitant integruotus Bluetooth su valdymo balsu galimybėmis bei DAB/DAB+.

  • Maksimalus galingumas: 4 x 50W
  • 7′′ WVGA lietimui jautrus didelės raiškos ekranas
  • 1 A/V AUX iėjimas
  • Nuotolinio valdymo paruoša
  • Suderinamumas su kameromis bei parkavimo davikliais
  • Pritaikytas automobiliams su variklio Start-Stop sistema
  • Apsaugos kodas nuo vagysčių
  • CAN prijungimo jungtis
  • DAB skaitmeninė radija
  • Matmenys: 1DIN  /  Korpuso dydis: 178 x 50 x 164 mm /  Valdymo panelės dydis: 170 x 96 x 17 mm

High resolution Touch Screen

The 7-inch (17.8cm) high-resolution display allows full operation of the system via touch-screen technology and features the latest video technology for outstanding picture clarity, contrast and resolution. This allows navigation maps to be displayed in stunning detail, while movies or video clips become a real cinematic experience. The user interface is very intuitive and is designed to perfectly integrate into your vehicle. You’ll soon appreciate the ease of use and convenience of direct touch operation.

Big Screen Entertainment

The Alpine system allows you to enjoy movies, music videos or TV shows from many different sources, such as DVDs from the optional optical drive, USB sticks, the latest smartphones with HDMI output or portable video devices (optional cables or adapters are required). You can also connect your iPod or iPhone to enjoy your video content on the high-resolution 7-inch display. For driving safety the video playback feature is only available if the vehicle is not in motion.

All New User Interface

We redesigned the user interface to allow fast switching of applications with a single swipe of a finger. If you for example view and iPod playlist on your screen, all you have to do is swipe your finger from right to left to view the navigation map and iPod screen in a convenient split screen arrangement. Another swipe will show you the navigation map in full screen. This operation methodology works in all four directions to quickly and easily reach the most often used functions. You will especially like this functionality while driving since it eliminates to look for specific buttons.

Connect HDMI Sources

The INE-W997DC is equipped with an HDMI port. Using an optional HDMI cable you can connect any smartphone or media device with an HDMI output to see the content on the INE-W997DC screen. You can even use and iPhone 5 or 6 and connect it via the lightning plug to enjoy the iPhone video or photo content on the Alpine screen (requires additional cables and adapters). The INE-W997DC also includes an HDMI output to connect a rear monitor system with HDMI.

7-inch Screen with 1 DIN chassis

More and more vehicles feature a dashboard space for a 7” or 8” screen, however behind the screen there is no space to fit a full 2DIN product. The Volkswagen Golf 7, Skoda Octavia 3 or the new SMART are vehicles with such dashboard design. Alpine designed the INE-W997DC to overcome this problem by putting a 1DIN chassis in the back of a 8” screen. With a car specific installation kit you can achieve a perfect installation and operation.

Built-in Bluetooth® Technology

The built-in Bluetooth® module allows wireless connection of a mobile phone for hands-free communication, while frequent software updates ensure full compatibility with the latest phones. A very intuitive user interface makes it very easy to operate and also includes a speed dial function for the most frequently called numbers. Bluetooth® also enables audio streaming from the phone: audio content or even internet radio can be wirelessly transferred to the unit.

DAB Digital Radio

The built-in DAB/DAB+/DMB tuner uses the most advanced digital technology to deliver radio reception in outstanding, noise-free sound quality. DAB+ also offers many other advantages over traditional FM radio: select from a much wider range of radio stations and after an initial station scan you can easily select your desired channels from an alphabetic and genre list of available stations.

Alpine TuneIt App for Tuning and Keeping in Touch

The INE-W997DC works with Alpine’s cool and convenient Alpine TuneIt App to bring you custom sound tuning features right from your smartphone.
You can upload your sound settings to the Alpine Cloud Server to share them with other Alpine fans, and see their settings. The app also displays Facebook messages, lets you “Like” them and even reads them to you!
Download Alpine TuneIt App with TTS from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

High Quality Sound, Tuned for Your Car and Your Ear

The INE-W997DC puts the power of advanced sound processing in your car with BASS ENGINE SQ to maximise bass sound and overall tone balance, plus lots of custom tuning functions like Digital Time Correction and Dual HD EQ. Best of all, you can control them easily from your smartphone with the Alpine TuneIt App. 24-Bit DAC and 4-volt PreOuts, too!

Alpine INE-W997DC Installation Kits

Alpine provides an increasing number of installation kits, including everything from mechanical parts to adapters and interfaces for Steering Wheel Remote Control and Vehicle Display (if available). Kits are under preparation. For more detailed information please ask your dealer.

One Look Display

Our innovative “One Look” split-screen technology allows the driver to view the navigation map and audio playback information at one glance. This eliminates the need to switch between different applications. You can switch from full screen to One Look view with just a swipe on the display. This function is especially useful on long highway trips.

3D Maps

View maps in 3D with detailed buildings and landmarks. This feature helps you to better orientate yourself in big cities. Speed restriction display and speed camera warnings (not available in France) give you further driving assistance.

Points of Interest

You can easily search for POIs by category, name, distance and other criteria. This is very helpful when looking for a specific restaurant franchise or a specific gas station brand nearby. Restaurant information includes the phone number next to the address and food type – with a quick tap on the screen you can call ahead and reserve a table.

TMC Route Guidance

Lane Guidance lets the driver know which is the best lane to be in, while Dynamic TMC Route Guidance provides live traffic information for avoiding traffic jams and recalculates the route if necessary.

Important Navigation Features

  • Extensive map database of 48 European countries
  • Map updates can be purchased at any time online through
  • Updates can be purchased by country and by region.
  • This saves cost by updating only what is necessary.
  • Address search with postcode input (including 7-digit UK postcodes)
  • Smart routes: the system database stores historic traffic patterns and uses them to choose the best route depending on the time of day and day of week
  • High-resolution maps

Advanced Address Input

You can input postal codes for all European countries, including 7-digit UK codes, which makes searching for addresses quicker. The system even reads partial addresses. Select your own language from 33 different keypads, including Cyrillic and Greek.

Free map update within 30 days after first usage

Within 30 days after the installed unit’s first GPS fix, you can go to to check if there is a map update available and download it free of charge. This ensures that you have the latest map data after purchase.

Don’t Be Taken By Surprise

Get the Alpine Navigation device INE-W997DC with a pre-installed Caravan, Camper and Truck Software. Use the Caravan, Camper and Truck specific maps and you don’t have to worry about driving on roads unfit for your vehicle.

Warning messages

The Caravan, Camper and Truck software takes into account restrictions and limitations when calculating the route and also gives warnings whilst driving without a calculated route.

Vehicle Parameter Setting

  • Dimensions (length, width, height)
  • Use of a trailer

Vehicle Parameter Setting

  • Number of axles
  • Maximum allowed and actual weight
  • Freight

Vehicle Parameter Setting

  • Type of freight (category of dangerous goods, i.e. explosives, flammables)

Route calculation

The Caravan, Camper and Truck maps use vehicle parameter settings and restrictions such as allowed speed as parameters for route calculation. You only have to set the parameters once to avoid problems every time you drive.

Connection for Alpine Climate Control and Parking Sensor Interfaces

Many original factory head units have climate control and parking displays, which will be lost if the unit is removed. With this unit, this is not a problem, as it supports Alpine interfaces that provide attractive graphic displays of climate control and parking information. This ensures full integration of the Alpine system with the car for greater driving safety and convenience.

Parking Assistance Technology

The optional rear-view camera system provides parking safety with cutting-edge camera technology. The rear-view camera automatically activates when reversing and also mutes the audio so you can hear the parking sensor signals. You not only have a clear view to the rear, you can also see useful distance guides for easier parking. You can even activate a trailer hitch ball guide to make hooking up your trailer much easier.

Rear View displays what is directly behind the car. Use This when reserving into a parking space, for example.

Panorama View displays a wide view behind the car. Use this when you want to view a wider than normal area behind the car.

Parking Sensor

Camera display gives you a clear view as you park. Front and rear distances are also shown. The system automatically mutes on reverse to hear the sensor sound.

Optional Multi View Camera

The Multi View Rear Camera HCE-C252RD and the Multi View Front Camera HCE-C257FD provide parking safety with cutting-edge camera technology and full touch-screen operation. The Multi Camera Selector Interface KCX-C250MC enables connection of up to three Alpine direct connetion cameras. Alpine cameras can be controlled from the head unit screen. Simply select camera view from receiver's touchscreen. With the HCE-C252RD and HCE-C257FD you have a choice of several viewing modes.

Multi-view splits the screen so you have a clearer view of both left and right behind the car. There's also a picture-in-picture function that shows the regular rear view in a small screen.

Top view is convenient for precise reversing, for example to hook up a trailer. There's also a picture-in-picture function that shows the regular rear view in a small screen.

  • Memory Presets: Preset Stations (FM: 24 / MW: 6 / LW: 6)
  • Memory: Auto Memory
  • Seek Mode: Local / DX Selection
  • RDS Functions: PI, PS, AF, TA, TP, PTY, NEWS, RADIO TEXT
DAB Tuner
  • DAB+ Tuner Built-in
  • DAB+/DMB Supported
  • DAB+ Slideshow Service
  • DLS (Dynamic Label Service)
  • DAB Service Following
  • RDS Fallback (where available)
  • Service Preset: 18 Preset Memory
  • Auto Ensemble/Service Memory
  • Service Search Function
  • PTY Search Function
  • Alphabet Search Function
  • Antenna Power Supply Selection
  • Built-in BLUETOOTH® Module
  • Wide Band Speech Technology
  • HFP (Hands-Free Profile) Compatible
  • Streaming Music: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) Compatible
  • Streaming Music Control: AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile) Ver.1.5 Compatible
  • Advanced BLUETOOTH® Technology
  • Connection: SSP (Simple Secure Pairing) Supported
  • Individual Profile Connection Hands Free Phone and Music Streaming
  • Phone Book: Phone Book Synchronization
  • Multiple Phone Number Registration: 5 Phone Numbers can be stored for one name
  • Device Name Display
  • Auto Answer
  • Call History Display: Outgoing Calls / Incoming Calls / Missed Calls
  • Redial Function
  • Speech Volume Level Adjustment: Possible for Outgoing and Incoming Volume
  • DTMF (Touch-Tone) Function
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Menu Language Selection: 24 Languages
  • Firmware Updatable
  • Microphone integrated (external Microphone optional)
Made for iPod® / iPhone®
  • Compatibility for iPod/iPhone: Made for iPod touch 5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st Gen., iPod nano 7th/6th/5th/4th/3rd/ Gen., iPod classic 160GB/120GB/80GB, iPod with video, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone5S,iPhone5C, iPhone5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G
  • Connection: KCU-461iV / KCU-471i Required (Sold separately)
  • Music & Video Playback Compatible with KCU-461iV only
  • Available Selections: Playlist / Artist / Album /Song / Podcast / Genre / Composer / Audiobook
  • Alphabet Search
  • Artwork Display
  • Direct Up / Down: Playlist / Artist / Album / Genre / Composer
  • M.I.X. (Shuffle) Play: Song, Albums, All
  • Repeat
  • Battery Charging 
Navigation Function
  • Map Coverage: 48 Countries (Western and Eastern Europe)
  • Menu Language: 29 Languages
  • Voice Guidance Language: 29 Languages for Voice Guidance, 15 Languages for Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • Advanced Address Search
  • Post Code Search
  • Free Form Search
  • Partial Name Search
  • Advanced POI Functions
  • Smart Routes: Smart Routes using historic traffic patterns
  • Advanced Route Planning
  • Eco Route Search
  • 7 Alternative Route Recommendation
  • Advanced TMC Mode
  • Map Display Mode: 2D Heading Up, 2D North Up, 3D
  • 3D City Mode: 3D Building/Icon Display
  • Elevation Map Display: 3D maps with elevation mode
  • 3D Motorway Junction View: Junction View with Sign Post
  • Drive Lane Suggestion
  • Tunnel Mode
  • Highway Mode
  • Voice Guidance Mixing
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Direct Phone Call from POI data
  • 3 Positioning Sensors: GPS, Gyroscope, Vehicle Speed Pulse
USB Media Connection
  • USB Connection: USB Extension Cable Included
  • Music Playback: FLAC/MP3/WMA/AAC Playback
  • File / Folder Name Search
  • Tag Info Search
  • Folder Up / Down
  • M.I.X. Random Play
  • Repeat
Sound Tuning
  • Bass Engine SQ
  • Bass Engine™ Pro
  • Subwoofer Level Adjustment
  • Subwoofer Phase Select
  • 4V High Voltage PreOut
  • Equalizer: Flat, Pops, Rock, News, Jazz, Electrical Dance, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Country, Classical
  • Dual HD EQ (9-band Parametric Equalizer front/rear)
  • 6 Channel Digital Time Correction
  • Digital Crossover Setting
  • Customized Sound Setting by Car Type
  • MediaXpander HD
  • Application Volume Level Setting
  • Sound Setting Data Download
  • Easy, Step-by-Step Sound Customization
  • Alpine TuneIt App ready
  • Power Output: 4 x 50 W High Power Amplifier
  • Advanced Power IC
  • Display: 7′′ Capacitive WVGA High Resolution Display
  • White LED Backlighting System
  • 50/50 Split Screen: Left / Right Position Changeable
  • Control Type: Touch, Drag, Flick
  • My Favorites Function
  • Automatic Setting Change for 2 Users
  • High Grade Audiophile Design
  • PreOut: 3 PreOuts (4V, Front / Rear / Subwoofer)
  • AUX-In: 1 A/V AUX Input
  • Steering Wheel Remote Control Function
  • OEM Sub-display Function
  • Remote Control Ready
  • Navigation Guidance Mix
  • Camera Connection & Built-in Controls for Multi-View Cameras
  • Multi camera I/F (KCX-C250MC) ready
  • Camera Guide Line Adjustment
  • Rearview Camera Display Automatic Boot-up
  • Simple Mode & Info Mode Display Selection
  • Visual EQ
  • Live Contrast Adjustment
  • Menu Language: 24 Languages (for AV / Bluetooth), 29 Languages (Navigation Menu and Voice Guidance)
  • Clock
  • Auto Dimmer
  • Anti-theft security code
  • Firmware Updatable
  • Power Antenna Lead
  • Remote Turn-On
  • HDMI Input (Alpine Special HDMI connector required)
  • HDMI splitter I/F (KCX-630HD) ready
  • Engine Start-Stop unaffected
  • CAN Connection Interface Included
  • Ready for optional DVD Player DVE-5300
Vehicle Parameter Setting
  • Dimensions (length, width, height)
  • Actual and maximum allowed weight
  • Type of freight (category of dangerous goods, i.e. explosives, flammables)
  • Use of a trailer and number of axles
  • Maximum allowed speed
Map & Database
  • Online Map Update
  • Perfect F.I.T. Kit Solutions available
        • Screen Size: 7-inch Capacitive WVGA
        • LCD Type: Transparent Type TN LCD
        • Operation System: TFT Active Matrix
        • Number of Picture Elements: 1,152,000 pixels (800 x 3 x 480)
        • Illumination System: White LED Backlighting
        • Effective Number of Picture Elements: 99.99%
        • Colour System: NTSC, PAL
        Max Power Output Ratings
        • Max Power Output: 4 x 50 W
        FM Tuner
        • Tuning Range: 87.5 - 108.0 MHz
        • Mono Usable Sensitivity: 8.1 dBf (0.7 µV / 75 ohms)
        • 50dB Quieting Sensitivity: 12 dBf (1.1 µV / 75 ohms)
        • Alternate Channel Selectivity: 80 dB
        • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 65 dB
        • Stereo Separation: 35 dB
        • Capture Ratio: 2 dB
        MW Tuner
        • Tuning Range: 531 - 1,602 kHz
        • Usable Sensitivity (IEC Standard): 25.1 µV / 28 dBf
        LW Tuner
        • Tuning Range: 153 - 281 kHz
        • Usable Sensitivity (IEC Standard): 31.6 µV / 30 dBf
        • USB Requirements: USB 2.0
        • Max. Power Consumption: 1,500 mA (CDP Support)
        • USB Class: Mass Storage Class, Play From Device
        • File System: FAT 16/32
        • MP3 Decoding: MPEG-1/2 AUDIO Layer-3
        • WMA Decoding: Windows Media™ Audio
        • AAC Decoding: ACC-LC format ′′.m4a′′ file
        • Flac Decoding
        • Number of Channels: 2-Channel (Stereo)
        • Frequency Response: 5 - 20k Hz ±1 dB *Frequency Response may differ depending on the encoder software/bit rate
        • Total Harmonic Distortion (at 1kHz): 0.008%
        • DynamicRange(at 1kHz): 95 dB
        • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100 dB
        • Channel Separation (at 1kHz): 85 dB
        • GPS Antenna Type: Micro-strip Planar Aerial
        • Reception Frequency: 1575.42 ±1 MHz
        • Reception Sensitivity: -130 dB Maximum
        • Reception Method: Parallel 12 Channels
        • BLUETOOTH® Version: Bluetooth V2.1+EDR
        • Output Power: +4 dBm Max. (Power class 2)
        • HFP: HFP (Hands Free Profile)
        • OPP (Object Push Profile)
        • PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile)
        • HSP (Head Set Profile)
        • A2DP: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
        • AVRCP: AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)
        • SPP (Serial Port Profile)
        Sound Tuning
        • Subwoofer Level Adjustment: 0 to +15
        • Subwoofer Phase Setting: 0° or 180°
        • BASS ENGINE SQ: 5Mode, Level 0 to +6
        • HighPassFilter: 20 / 25 / 31.5 / 40 / 50 / 63 / 80 / 100 / 125 / 160 / 200 Hz
        • HighPassFilter (Slope): Off / -6 / -12 / -18 / -24 dB/oct.
        • HighPassFilter (Gain): -12 to 0 dB
        • LowPassFilter: 20 / 25 / 31.5 / 40 / 50 / 63 / 80 / 100 / 125 / 160 / 200 Hz
        • LowPassFilter (Slope): Off / -6 / -12 / -18 / -24 dB/oct.
        • LowPassFilter (Gain): -12 to 0 dB
        • Time Correction: 0.0 - 9.9ms (0.1ms step)
        • Dual HD EQ Front + Rear
        • Parametric Equalizer (Band 1): 20 - 100 Hz
        • Parametric Equalizer (Band 2): 63 - 315 Hz
        • Parametric Equalizer (Band 3): 125 - 500 Hz
        • Parametric Equalizer (Band 4): 250 - 1k Hz
        • Parametric Equalizer (Band 5): 500 - 2k Hz
        • Parametric Equalizer (Band 6): 1k - 4k Hz
        • Parametric Equalizer (Band 7): 2k - 7.2k Hz
        • Parametric Equalizer (Band 8): 5.8k - 12k Hz
        • Parametric Equalizer (Band 9): 9k - 20k Hz
        • Parametric Equalizer (Gain): -14 to +14
        • Application Volume Level Setting: -14 to +14
        HDMI Section
        • Input Format 720p/480p/VGA
        • Output Format 480p
        • Power Requirement: 14.4 V. DC (11-16V allowable)
        • Pre Output Voltage (Before Clipping): 4 V / 10k ohms
        • Maximum Mounting Angle: 30°
        • Din Size: 1DIN chassis and 7” Capacitive Touch Screen
        • Chassis Size (W x H x D) mm: 178 x 50 x 164 mm
        • Nose Piece Size (W x H x D) mm: 170 x 96 x 17 mm
        The Caravan, Camper and Truck Software considers following restrictions and limitations by calculating the route and also gives warnings whilst driving without calculated route in 40 countries*:
        • General through traffic restrictions for trucks (i.e. environmental zones)
        • Through traffic restrictions for all categories of dangerous goods
        • (i.e. explosives, flammables)
        • Turn and U-Turn restrictions for trucks
        • Restrictions for trailers
        • Limitations of length
        • Limitations of width
        • Limitations of height
        • Limitations of weight
        • Height and width limitations of tunnels and bridge pass throughs
        • Maximum allowed weight of bridges
        * Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

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