Radical R-C11FD2, Android multimedija FORD Focus II automobiliui

Android automobilinė multimedija skirta FORD Focus II  modeliams pagamintiems nuo 204 > 2011 metų. Multimediją apjungia populiariausių servisų palaiykmą, naujausias technologijas bei viską sudeda po elegantišku dizainu.

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Nuolaida: 399.00 €
Kaina: 399.00 €

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Radical R-C11FD2, Android multimedija FORD Focus II automobiliui

Android automobilinė multimedija skirta FORD Focus II  modeliams pagamintiems nuo 204 > 2011 metų. Multimediją apjungia populiariausių servisų palaiykmą, naujausias technologijas bei viską sudeda po elegantišku dizainu.

  • 8" / 25.6 cm lietimui jautrus ekranas.
  • Android 9.0 OS versija.
  • Radical GPS navigation (jau įdiegtas).
  • EasyConnection funkcija skirta mobiliesiems telefonams susieti.
  • Įmontuota laisvų rankų įranga bei mikrofonas.
  • Bluetooth, WLAN, Wi-Fi ryšio palaikymas.
  • USB 2.0 , RCA, HDMI bei  AUX jungtys.


Information plus entertainment for your Ford Focus II

The R-C11FD2 is a state-of-the-art multimedia system designed specifically for your car, with a 9" / 22.9 cm capacitive touchscreen display, DAB+ and FM tuners, two USB ports, and Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music streaming. But that is only the beginning. Thanks to the integrated WiFi module, you can stream music and videos directly from the web, use Spotify on the go, orlisten to internet radio. The best part is that you can install your Android apps directly on the R-C11FD2 media receiver. This allows you to choose all the features you want to use in your Ford Focus II.
Car radio R-C11FD2 FORD Focus II front view interior mountain sunset

App-driven – RADICAL's Android car radio for Ford Focus II

Is it possible to install your apps directly on the car radio? Sure it is, because the R-C10FD2 media center uses an operating system based on Android 9.0. This receiver also has a powerful 1.3 GHz Octa Core processor with 2 GB of RAM. That's why all your apps and background processes are stable and smooth, with absolutely no juddering. The internal 16 GB flash memory also offers enough storage space for your apps – including your navigation apps.

Multimedia and infotainment functions
- the highlights
android 9.0 Android OS operating system Install Android apps directly on the RADICAL car radio for Ford Focus – the Android operating system makes it possible. directions_car DAB+ radio already integrated A built-in DAB+ tuner with many functions offers you noise-free digital radio reception. near_me Retrofit for navigation With the optional R-MAPC10 navigation package, you can easily upgrade this car radio to a sat nav device. bluetooth_audio Bluetooth – handsfree calling & audio streaming Make phone calls and stream music wirelessly from your mobile phone via A2DP – the integrated Bluetooth system ensures this. wifi WLAN – internet on the move Easy use of Spotify, YouTube, internet radio, navigation functions – the integrated WiFi module gives you mobile web access. smartphone EasyConnection mirroring Mirroring the display content/apps of Android smartphones or Apple iPhones to the Ford Focus media center is easy with EasyConnection.
Car radio R-C11FD2 FORD Focus II navigation system navigation app

Navigation system for Ford Focus II

The Android system allows you to install any Android navigation app on the infotainer R-C11FD2. And if you don't want to navigate via app only: The infotainer comes with the R-MAPC10 navigation package pre-installed. You can activate this Open Street Map navigation with an optional code.

Best FM and crystal clear DAB+ radio reception

You can of course receive analog radio stations with the FM RDS tuner. And there is a little bit more: thanks to the integrated DAB+ tuner with MOT slideshow, station list and DLS text, you have digital radio reception in top quality on your trips.
Car radio R-C11FD2 FORD Focus II digital radio front view
Car radio R-C11FD2 FORD Focus II connection smartphone easy connection

EasyConnection for your mobile phone

If you don't want to install an app like YouTube permanently, but only want to use it temporarily, mirroring comes into play: With EasyConnection, you can mirror the screen contents of your Android smartphone to the R-C11FD2 infotainer and then control your apps via touchscreen. iOS-based mobile phones are also supported, but apps are then controlled from the iPhone.

Fits perfectly in the Ford Focus II

The star in your car: Does the RADICAL Android car radio integrate perfectly into your car? Of course: Since the media receiver is developed especially for Ford Focus II models with automatic A/C control, the multimedia system will integrate perfectly into your car. You don't have to worry about the connection to the steering wheel remote control, multifunctional display, optical parking system, reversing control, handbrake control, A/C status, or vehicle illumination status, because a CAN Bus interface is already included in the set.


  • Car specific infotainer for Ford Focus II with automatic A/C control
  • Allwinner T8 CPU with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Flash memory
  • Radical GPS navigation package pre-installed (without license)*1
  • Open Android 9.0 OS, for offline installation of Android apps*2
  • Capacitive, touch sensitive 9” / 22.9 cm display with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution
  • OSD menu in various EU languages (German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, etc.)
  • DAB+ tuner with MOT slideshow, station list and DLS-text
  • FM RDS radio with 36 pre-set stations on FM1/FM2 station bands
  • Bluetooth 4.2 hands-free module and A2DP BT music streaming
  • Two USB 2.0 ports for A/V-file playback*3 and connection of Android and iOS smartphones*4
  • Control of one camera system with auto switching function
  • EasyConnection for screen mirroring and the integration of Android and iOS smartphone apps
  • RGB multicolour soft key illumination
  • Integrated 4 x 45 watts amplifier
  • Integrated WiFi module (WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
  • Bluetooth 4.2 hands-free module
  • Synchronization of 1,000 phone book contacts and 3 numbers each
  • Search function for phone book contacts
  • A2DP BT music streaming with iD3-tag and AVRCP 1.3
  • Internal Bluetooth microphone, additional cockpit microphone input*5
  • DAB+ receiver with single-tuner
  • FM RDS radio with 36 pre-set stations
  • Internet access via browser
  • Two USB 2.0 ports for A/V-file playback*3, 4
  • EasyConnection for Android OS and Apple iOS smartphones
  • 12-bands graphical equalizer with 8 predefined sound-profiles
  • Balance, Fader, Loudness, Subwoofer audio adjustments
  • A2DP BT music streaming with AVRCP 1.3
  • HDMI input for compatible accessories and mobile devices
  • 4 x 45 watts amplifier
  • CAN data based vehicle function integration to: Steering wheel remote control, multifunctional display, optical parking system, reversing control, handbrake control, A/C status, vehicle illumination status
    • 4.2 RCA line pre-outs (3 V)
    • 1 x RCA A/V input for camera video signal (CVBS)
    • 1 x DIN FM antenna input
    • 1 x DAB antenna input with 12 V power supply
    • 1 x SMA WiFi antenna input
    • 2 x RCA video output (CVBS, NTSC)
    • 1 x RCA AUX A/V input with NTSC/PAL auto switching (CVBS)
    • 2 x USB 2.0 port with 1000 mA smartphone charging current
    • 1 x HDMI input
    • 1 x input for Bluetooth cockpit microphone
    • 1 x SMA input for GPS receiver

    *1 RADICAL R-MAPC10 GPS navigation software installed on device ex-works, use license available separately. The system allows the installation of other Android GPS navigation apps.
    *2 Google Play Store access is not supported due to licensing restrictions
    *3 Supported A/V file formats: MP3, FLAC, AAC, AVI, MPEG-1/2, MPEG4 (XviD), M4V (H.264), MKV 1080p
    *4 1000 mA charging current for each connected smartphone
    *5 The additional, freely installable cockpit Bluetooth microphone, is contained in the set

    Main Device Type
    • See compatibility information given under each R-C11 device variant

    Mainboard Core Hardware + OS

    • Allwinner T8, 1.6 GHz ARM Cortex A7 OctaCore
    • RAM Hynix or Micron DDR3, 2 GB
    • Flash Memory Samsung, 16 GB
    • Operation System Android 9.0


    GPS Hardware  
    • GPS Receiver Front End Ublox G7020-KT/M8130-KT
    • GPS Antenna Voltage  3.3 V Display Screen + TFT LCD Panel
    • TFT Type Capacitive TFT-LCD screen with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution and 7", 8", 9" or 10.1" dimension depending on model Capacitive Touch Screen
    • Yes, with multigesture capable for navigation software (if supported by selected app)
    • Display Brightness Adjustment Yes

    • Bluetooth Module Type iVT i8008
    • Built-in Microphone in the Control Panel Yes
    • Hands Free Function Support
    • Bluetooth 4.2 profile A2DP BT Audio Streaming Yes, with AVRCP 1.3
    • Built-in Microphone Yes
    • Phonebook Import Function Yes
    • Phonebook Contact Search Yes
    • Connect Code 1234 - Name: RADICAL
    • Bluetooth Contact Sharing Yes
    • External Microphone Support Yes, second input for cockpit microphone (contained in set)

    FM Tuner

    Hardware NXP Lithio TEF6686 FM Frequency Range 87.5 MHz > 108.0 MHz Radio Stations 36 FM station presets (2 bands with 18 stations each) Built-in RDS Radio Receiver Function Yes Radio Frequency Region Europe Input Impedance 50 ohms
    DAB+ Tuner  
    • Hardware Ekong
    • DAB+ Tuner Type 1CH Tuner
    • FM Frequency Range 174 MHz - 240 MHz
    • Station Handling Ensemble list showing DAB stations sorted alphanumerically
    • Subtype Data Decoding MOT Slideshow, DLS-text
    • Sensitivity Band III 96 dB ~ 101 dB
    • Signal-To-Noise @72 dBm Typically 50 ~ 60 dB
    • Channel Separation @72 dBm Typically 50 ~ 55 dB
    • Input Impedance 50 ohms

    WiFi Module  
    • Hardware Realtek BL-8188-EU1 Module
    • Protocol IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    • Transmission Frequency 2.400 GHz > 2.484 GHz
    • RF Power 15 dBm

    OBD-II Interface  
    • Support of ELM327 Chipset Protocol
    • Yes, via Bluetooth and WiFi

    General Audio + Multimedia

    • Internal 4CH Amplifier IC St Microelectronics TDA7388
    • Max. Power Output Internal 4CH amp with 4 x 45 W
    • Supported Digital Audio/Video Formats (USB) MP3, FLAC, AAC, AVI, MPEG-1/2, MPEG4 (XviD), M4V (H.264), MKV 1080p
    • Supported Video Output Formats MPEG-1/2, MPEG4, M4V (H.264), MKV 1080p
    • Supported Digital Picture Formats JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF
    • USB Memory Addressing USB memory of up to 64 GB of memory (USB HDD function cannot be guaranteed)

    Audio DSP Functions
    • Equalizer 12 bands EQ with 8 selectable sound-profiles: "Jazz", "Pop", Classic", "Rock", "News", "Urban", "Techno", ("Normal")
    • Audio Adjustments Balance, Fader, Loudness and Subwoofer audio settings

    Inputs & Outputs
    • 4.2CH Line Out RCA line-outs with 3 V signal level
    • USB 2.0 Ports Two USB inputs with 1000 mA charging current each
    • AUX Audio/Video Input Stereo audio via RCA, video CVBS signal (NTSC) 1V p-p, 75 ohms via RCA
    • Audio Output 5CH >stereo front and rear + subwoofer via RCA, 3 V signal level
    • Video Output Video1 and Video2 via RCA, 1 V p-p
    • Rear View Camera Input Camera system with PAL/NTSC auto-switching
    • FM Antenna Input ISO connector, 50 ohms
    • DAB Antenna Input SMB, 50 ohms with 12 V phantom power
    • GPS Antenna Input SMA, 3.3 V

    • Supported Video-Stream Resolution
    • Up to 1080p with signal auto recognition

    Camera System  
    • Type + Control
    • Connection and control for one rear view camera system, video input triggered via reverse signal
    • Video Signal Input CVBS signal via RCA, 1 V p-p

    • Firmware / Software Update Via USB port
    • Boot Logo RADICAL logo
    • Multicolor Sensor / Hardkey Illumination
    • RGB LED, free selection of key illumination color, 256 color shades
    • Wallpaper User selectable / customizable
    • Built-in System Clock Display Yes
    • Menu Languages 85 Android system languages, incl. English/Spanish/French/German/Portuguese/Italian/Russian/Turkish/Norwegian/etc.
    • Smartphone Headunit Interface
    • EasyConnection app, screen mirroring for iOS smartphones, Dual protocol with app control via TS for Android smartphones
    • Auto Memory Function Yes
    • Standyby Current < 3 mA
    • Power Supply DC 12V, negative ground
    • Min. / Max. Operating Current 1.5 to 15 A

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