RETROSOUND RSD-SILVER-6, automagnetola

MOTOR-6 yra absoliučiai geriausias "RetroSound" modelis. Jis vizualiai identiškas pigesniems modeliams ir, be jų įrangos, turi sertifikuotą "Apple iPod" / "iPhone" valdymą per USB kabelį arba belaidžiu būdu per "Bluetooth". 

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RETROSOUND RSD-SILVER-6, automagnetola

MOTOR-6 yra absoliučiai geriausias "RetroSound" modelis. Jis vizualiai identiškas pigesniems modeliams ir, be jų įrangos, turi sertifikuotą "Apple iPod" / "iPhone" valdymą per USB kabelį arba belaidžiu būdu per "Bluetooth". 

  • DAB+ skaitmeninis radijas.
  • FM radijas su RDS funkcijomis.
  • A2DP "Bluetooth" garso atkūrimas, skirtas belaidžiam išmaniojo telefono integravimui.
  • Dvi USB įvestys įrenginio galinėje pusėje.
  • Sertifikuotas "Apple iPhone" valdymas per USB kabelį.
  • Du AUX įėjimai (3,5 mm) įrenginio nugarėlėje.
  • "Bluetooth" laisvų rankų įranga su išoriniu mikrofonu.


RETROSOUND "MOTOR-6" DAB+ complete set "Silver" with many accessories

The "Model MOTOR-6" is the absolute top model from RetroSound. It is visually identical to the cheaper models and in addition to their equipment has a certified Apple iPod/iPhone control via a USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Two USB inputs on the back of the unit and a third preamp output for an external subwoofer is also present.

- DAB+ digital radio
- FM radio with RDS functions
- A2DP Bluetooth audio playback for wireless smartphone integration
- Two USB input on the back of the device
- Certified Apple iPhone control via USB cable
- Two AUX inputs (3.5mm) on the back of the device
- Bluetooth handsfree with external microphone
- Three preamplifier outputs for external power amplifiers (front/rear/sub)

- MOTOR-6 RETROSOUND DAB+ radio module
- RETRO-RADIO-C RETROSOUND display unit (chrome)
- RSP-302 RETROSOUND front panel plastic (silver)
- RSP-006 RETROSOUND control knob metal (chrome)
- RSP-076 RETROSOUND control ring metal (chrome)
- RSP-294 RETROSOUND ISO installation kit for DIN slot
- USB4G Mini USB stick 4GB (black)
- USB/AUX built-in jack with 60cm cable (black)
- H-KENNZEICHEN confirmation from TÜV Süd

DAB1 - AMPIRE DAB+ antenna splitter
In most classic vehicles, passive rod or telescopic antennas were installed. These are also suitable for DAB+ radio reception. In this case, order the DAB1 antenna splitter at the same time. In the case of disc antennas or electronically amplified roof antennas, you must install a separate DAB+ antenna.
RS-TOOL - AMPIRE 1/2" tool for RetroSound control knobs
The cap nuts of the two control knobs have 1/2 inch wrench size. The matching tool is not common in Europe. So that you do not cause any damage when installing with the wrong tool, you should order the RS-TOOL at the same time.

Any concerns that your H license plate might be in danger due to the installation of a RetroSound car radio are unfounded. In the download you will find a confirmation with the approval of the complete AKE working group (TÜV SÜD, TÜV Rheinland, TÜV Nord, Dekra, KÜS, GTÜ) which states that the RetroSound Model Zuma" and the RetroSound Model Two" including vehicle-specific panel and control buttons may be installed in classic cars with H-plates or do not prevent the award of the H-plate!


- Playback of MP3 and WMA files via the rear USB input
- Apple iPod/iPhone control (touch screen operation of Apple iPod/iPhone is still active in parallel)
- Bluetooth handsfree with A2DP audio streaming
- Adjustable LCD lighting with 32,000 different colors
- DAB+/UKW/MW radio receiver with RDS and 30 station presets
- Tuner with European even and odd radio frequencies
- Integrated 4-channel amplifier (4 x 24 watts RMS / 45 watts max.)
- 3 stereo RCA outputs for external amplifiers (front/rear/subwoofer)
- 3 equalizer programs plus individual bass/treble/fader/balance adjustment
- XBAS loudness function
- Non-volatile memory

- 2 USB inputs (rear panel) up to max. 32GB
- 2 AUX inputs (stereo)
- 3 RCA outputs (stereo) for external amplifiers (front/rear/subwoofer)
- Separate power line for motor antenna and amplifier

- FM European broadcasting frequency range 87.5-107.9 MHz. (0.05 MHz. in steps)
- MW frequency range 530-1710 kHz (9 kHz. in steps)
- DAB+ reception via SMB antenna input for passive DAB+ antennas

You can of course control an Apple iPhone wirelessly via Bluetooth with this car radio. If you want to control it wired, you also need an appropriate USB adapter cable.

- Dimensions radio 101x51x136mm
- Power supply 10,5 to14,4 Volt
- Maximum current consumption 15 Ampere
- Quiescent current 3,5 mA
- Output power 12V, 4 Ohm, <1% distortion: 4x15 Watt sinus
- Impedance loudspeaker 4-8 Ohm
- Cinch outputs 6 channel 2,85 Volt for external amplifiers (front/rear/subwoofer)
- Input sensitivity AUX1 >300 mV / 6 kOhm
- input sensitivity AUX2 >300 mV / 6 kOhm


User Manual (EN),


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