Centrinė garso kolonėlė Wharfedale Diamond 220C, 2-jų juostų

229.00 €

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  • storeArmatūrininkų g. 1, Kaunas
  • access_time I-V 9:00-18:00

  • Rekomenduojama stiprintuvo galia: 25-150W
  • Dažnių diapazonas: 60Hz - 20 kHz
  • Jautrumas: 89 dB
  • Nominali varža: 8 omai
  • 2.5cm aukštų ir 2x13cm žemų dažnių garsiakalbiai
  • Matmenys: 17.4 x 47 x 23.6 cm /  Svoris: 8.5 kg 

Apdaila: juoda, balta, riešutas, raudonmedis

Quite simply put, the Wharfedale Diamond is one of our most successful speaker series, if not one of the most successful hi-fi speaker series ever. We can justify this as year on year, the Diamond Series has broke the mould for combining award winning sound quality unforeseen at this price.

From 1982 Wharfedale Diamond has meant one thing – impeccable performance at an affordable price. Today we are pleased to bring you the latest series of loudspeakers from Wharfedale that aspires to this tradition – Diamond 200 Series.

Foremost in the design criteria for Diamond 200 is the ongoing research into loudspeaker driver sound quality. The speaker series uses our famous woven Kevlar cone form, drawing influence from the flagship Jade Series.

While honing the internal crossover and using stronger magnets on the rear of the Diamond 220 for example, aesthetics and construction have been improved too. The Diamond 200 Series benefits from an all new lacquered front baffle and cosmetically enhanced veneers.

Only when the acousting tests are deemed truly satisfying are the loudspeakers designs signed-off for production, ensuring that each speaker model fulfils its eventual owner's drwams of musically enjoyable reproduction from Britain's Most Famous Loudspeakers.

Designed to acoustically match the 200 series floor standing and bookshelf speakers, this centre speaker will delivery clear audio and helps to create a seamless transition across the front sound stage.

  • Bass extension (-6dB) 65Hz
  • Crossover frequency 2.3kHz
  • Cabinet Volume (in litres) 11.8L
  • Height (on plinth & spikes) (174+16)mm


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